PrayLink February 21, 2023

EUROPE: Pray for RICK DUGAN and the three REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATORS in Europe as they gather in Germany this Thursday and Friday. They will be identifying various networks of those committed to discipleship across the continent, as well as discussing engagement with Ukrainian refugees, sustainable funding, and a number of other issues.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they lead teens in sessions and small groups at an educational conference for missionary families next week. The couple requests prayer that they “will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He would do in these young lives through the week. Pray that we would be bold to speak life and truth. Pray that we would just be the instruments in His hands that these kids need this week. Pray each youth would leave closer to God than they were when they arrived.”

SPAIN: Pray for TIM STUCK as he connects with the thirty-six individuals on the BoaNoiTe team. This team is a group of individuals who serve the homeless. Pray Tim would have the opportunity to discuss spiritual matters as most of the group is made up of non-Christians.

URUGUAY: Pray for TIM and SUSANA GRETSCHMANN as they host their annual end of the summer church outing this Saturday.

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL and DEBBIE JONES as they continue to lead Breaking Free 101 at St. Mark Missionary Church this Thursday.

GUINEA: BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE request prayer for Tomba Sayon and others in the villages of Yahiriya and Sisiya. Muluku regularly visits these villages to teaching about Jesus and to encourage Christians. Pray for a move of God’s Spirit in these villages.

ITALY: Pray for IVAN and ZHANA KALABRIC as they lead a team of ten in reaching out to their community, by offering English language practice with other internationals. Their first event had fifty attendees. Pray also for Zhana’s father who is in his final stages of life. Pray that Ivan and Zhana can lead him into a relationship with Christ.
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