PrayLink February 28, 2023

PAKISTAN: Pray for an AFFILIATE as he and his ministry team visits flood-affected areas regularly for follow-up as many still have needs and are facing difficulties. The affiliate has also encouraged the leaders he coaches to encourage their disciples to begin home churches with their families and neighbors during the week. Nine discipleship groups currently meet regularly in another area and the affiliate states, “God is multiplying movements.” A disciple and four others have formed a ministry team to reach out to local drug addicts. Pray for wisdom and strength for the affiliate and the ministry teams as they disciple.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they lead teens in sessions and small groups at an educational conference for missionary families this week. The couple requests prayer that they “will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He would do in these young lives through the week. Pray that we would be bold to speak life and truth. Pray that we would just be the instruments in His hands that these kids need this week. Pray each youth would leave closer to God than they were when they arrived.”

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL and DEBBIE JONES as they continue to lead Breaking Free 101 at St. Mark Missionary Church this Thursday. Pray the physical therapy that Debbie has begun for her frozen shoulder would be helpful.

GUINEA: Pray for BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE as they prepare to leave the United States for Guinea on March 23 at the conclusion of their Home Ministry Assignment.

ITALY: Pray for ZHANA KALABRIC’s father who is in his final stages of life. Pray that Ivan and Zhana can lead him into a relationship with Christ. Zhana tried recently, but her father did not want to discuss the topic. Pray he would become open.
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