PrayLink February 7, 2023

PrayLink February 7, 2023
SIERRA LEONE: JANET NICKEL request prayer as they work with a newly rescued trafficked survivor who is blind, deaf, and mute who is being worked with. Janet states, “It is a big challenge for our staff who are not trained to work with deaf and mute individuals.” Pray for Janet and the staff as they figure out how to best help this survivor. Pray also for Janet as she has been in contact with and tries to assist a 19 year old daughter of a local pastor who was recruited to go to Canada to work and study nursing. However, they aren’t sure where she is and it appears that she is now in an exploitative situation. Janet states, “Pray that we will know how to track her down and that the perpetrators will be stopped. I have shared relevant information with the Office of  National Security.” Pray for Janet as she deals with these heavy issues.

UNITED STATES: Pray for DAVID and DIANE BJORK as they travel from the United States to France in February. Pray that they will be able to travel without any issues by train to the various regions of France. Strikes are happening and will likely be intensifying in the weeks to come. Pray also that the Bjorks will be able to reconnect in significant ways with their friends.

EUROPE: A STAFF MEMBER invited an individual new to the community to a men’s night through their church. The individual came and shared some of his story with the staff member. Pray that they would continue to get together and share their lives with each other.

SOMALIA: RICK DUGAN states, “Pray for two MOVMENT LEADERS who have made the difficult and dangerous trip into Somalia to encourage new followers of Jesus. There are less than 1,000 Christians in the country and most remain secret believers. Please pray that the handful of believers in Somalia would grow to include more, and that the Body of Christ in neighboring countries would be able to provide crucial encouragement, support, and mentoring in following Jesus.”

THAILAND: JULIE DEALEY requests prayer for His direction and wisdom as she makes arrangements for upcoming events for the children at the children’s home as the school year is winding down in Thailand and summer break is only a month away. Pray also for Julie as she is in process of renewing her annual visa. Pray that all her paperwork is in order and that her visa would be renewed without any issues and quickly.

Pray for the people of Syria and Turkey whose needs are great as they continue to deal with the aftershocks from the earthquake.

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