PrayLink May 16, 2023

UNITED STATES: Pray for JOE JOHNS and CARLOS MEDINA as they attend the Central Region Conference today and the Northwest Region Conference on May 19-20.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they host game night tonight with assistance from a YWAM group that is currently visiting.

GUINEA: BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE request prayer for Modake, who had been following Jesus, but has since returned to his original religion. Pray that he would remember the things he knows about Jesus and would long to follow Him once again. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work in the life of Modake, bringing him to freedom in Christ.

RWANDA: Pray for THEO and BRI MAKOMBE as they have launched and are leading a group of leaders from different denominations and nationalities to discuss how they can be united as the Body of Christ.

EUROPE: Pray for wisdom for a STAFF MEMBER as he discerns ways to assist a friend who is dealing with some life altering consequences. The staff member states, “As a disciple, I’m looking for ways in which I can encourage more lasting change in his life.”

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL and DEBBIE JONES as they continue to develop a new series that they hope to offer in the future to Bethel University staff and students. Pray also for the Joneses as they will be interviewed in a Sunday school class at St. Mark Missionary Church this Sunday, May 21, as part of the “Wisdom Tour” of younger couples addressing life questions to older couples.

EUROPE: A STAFF COUPLE will have the opportunity for many connection times with others this week. They request prayer that they will hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance during their times of connection this week.

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER who is partnering with leaders who are currently assisting refugees fleeing the war in Sudan. The staff member states, “Pray we will connect with the right families and that we will be able to serve them the best way we can through the Lord’s guidance and strength.”

SPAIN: Praise! REBECCA and DAVE BUMPUS safely arrived in the United States to begin their Home Ministry Assignment.

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE who live and serve in a volatile area. The staff couple are currently safe.

ARGENTINA: UPDATE: MAIA DURAN, CHRISTINA and NATHAN DURAN’s daughter, who was hospitalized recently, was released and is at home.

Pray as plans for SHIFT Conference and the World Partners retreat, both taking place in July, are finalized.

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