For over 100 years the children of the Missionary Church have raised money to help with the cost of missionaries’ children’s education.  The monies collected go towards the education costs of World Partners missionary staff children from grade school to high school. The monies collected go towards books, tuition, uniforms, and other school supplies needed.

This was known as the Acorn Bank Program. Children would receive a bank and fill it over the course of several months and then a bank breaking was held. These acorn shaped banks are no longer available due to the material used being discontinued.

However, we now have a school bus bank that ties to the educational nature of the project. This bank is made of sturdy cardboard and can easily be assembled and decorated by the children. After the children have filled their bank they can bring them to a special program where the banks are emptied. The funds can then be sent on to World Partners for distribution to the families with school-aged youth for school fees. You may order banks by contacting Abby Luginbill at the World Partners office at or 260-747-9439 and they will be sent to you free of charge!

Which Families Do Bus Banks Help*?

The monies collected are making a difference in the lives of real families all around the world! Here are some of the families your donations are helping:

Rick and Madara Dugan: Latvia
Noah attends public school in Latvia

Josh and Sarah Hawkins: Bulgaria
Nevaeh, Ellie, Onnie, and Gloria attend private school in Bulgaria

Pete and Ursula Hubley: Bulgaria
Eliana is homeschooled.

Theo and Bri Makombe: Rwanda
Sifa, Bell, Shema, and Remy are currently homeschooled.

Nathan and Amy Moser: Greece
Nathan and Melina attend public school in Greece.

Jeremy and Mindie Tice: Germany
Japheth attends Black Forest Academy. Elsie attends public school in Germany.

*You will notice some World Partners missionary kids and their parents are missing from this list. This is because some of the MKs and their families are secure and we cannot reveal their identities. Feel free to contact us at for information about the families listed or any of our secure families. 


To become a part of the movement, order your very own bus banks for free today! Click here to email Abby Luginbill at the World Partners office or call
260-204-6315 and they will be mailed to you via USPS. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery depending on location.

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