Dear Children's Director or Pastor,

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I would come home school and there on the counter would be on the counter would be a letter. It was not just any old letter. It was a letter from one of my two missionary uncles and aunts who served in Africa. For me these letters were adventures. They had snake stories and humorous events that took place in the villages where they worked. They let me know what was happening with my cousins. There would also be quite a lot of information about the ministry my uncles and aunts were undertaking.

These letters, along with the times my uncles, aunts, and cousins stayed at our house when they were in the United States, did a lot to form my desire to see people, whether across the street or around the world, won for Christ.

Yesterday, sitting in a meeting where we were talking about the future of the Missionary Church, one of the pastors said, “It was the strong emphasis on missions I received in church when I was a child that has caused me to follow Christ’s directive to disciple the nations.”

A person’s desire to see people become followers of Jesus often begins when missions is planted in their hearts and minds as children.

World Partners wants to help your church accomplish this by providing several resources that will help the children of your church engage in missions. These include a way to directly connect your children with a missionary child or family; a source for special projects or offerings; an idea exchange; and a new bus bank program. The enclosed brochure will explain these in more detail and let you know how your church can be involved.

It is our prayer that these resources will help tomorrow’s leaders develop a passion for accomplishing the Great Commission in our churches today.


David Mann
Director of Strategic Partnerships