Name(s): Al

In Service Since: 1992

Host Country: United States

"I tell you, use worldly wealth to win friends for themselves, so that when you leave, you will be welcome to eternal abodes." -Luke 16:9

Al has worked with World Partners since 1992; He served in Southeast Asia for almost ten years. There he learned about poverty, equipping indigenous church planters to serve the unreached and the need for a sustainable ministry model. Since 2002, Al has been equipping church planters to minister through business. In 2013, his focus was on multiplying local trainers to meet the growing need and demand for training.


Now Al's role is to prepare coaches who equip church planters for ministry through business. Their desire is to see God use the coaches to multiply a movement of sustainable church planters who can go anywhere where God conducts business. When a company opens the door to a community, it creates relationships and opportunities to share the good news. It also increases the ability of church planters to help others and support their families.