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Name(s): Anderson Family

Host Country: Guinea

Jim and Dawn serve with the Yalunka team in Guinea, West Africa. They live in a small semi-remote village of 800 people where they have the opportunity to interact daily in the personal lives of the people there. Jim and Dawn enjoy the opportunity to learn together with the small group of believers what it means to walk daily with Jesus and encourage others to do the same. They are also involved in the development of "people", trying to help others find solutions to poverty and agricultural challenges, and provide help through medical care and training.


We feel very blessed to live and work in a group of people who have accepted us and who daily give us the opportunity to grow in our walk with Jesus as we travel together along the path of Jesus. We love seeing people learn, grow and adopt new ideas and concepts. They have given us a great privilege to invite them to the life of the people in Guinea and we consider it an honor to share life with us.