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But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me -II Corinthians 12:9


Name(s): Janet Nickel

Host Country: Sierra Leone


Growing up in a Christian home, Janet came into contact with many missionaries, and God seemed to tug her heart toward overseas missions. When she was ten years old during a missions conference at her church, it became obvious to Janet that she should be a missionary. As she continued to grow in her relationship with God, the sense of God's claim on her life drew her toward ministry overseas. When the opportunity to teach missionary children at Kabala Rupp Memorial School (KRMS), Sierra Leone, West Africa presented itself, Janet was convinced it was God's call. During the years Janet served there, God continued to increase her burden for people who do not know the Lord.   


Trafficking in persons, otherwise known as modern-day slavery, has become a concern to governments around the world. Driven by armed conflict, political instability, economic hardship, corrupt governments, criminal elements, and social disruption, the contemporary slave trade feeds a global demand for cheap and vulnerable labor. In addition to the horrific abuses suffered by victims, the profits from trafficking increase organized crime in and between countries, foster government corruption, and undermine the rule of law. As post-conflict Sierra Leone works to rebuild its communities, it has an opportunity to stem the tide of slavery in and through its borders. Because of Janet's background and experience in Sierra Leone, God led her to work in that country through an anti-human trafficking project. World Partners has loaned Janet to World Hope International to be the technical advisor for the anti-trafficking program.


The Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) is a United States-based alliance of organizations including Project Rescue, The Salvation Army, World Hope International (WHI), and World Relief.  FAAST is currently implementing a program to strengthen the criminal justice response to trafficking in persons in Sierra Leone. World Hope International is implementing the project.

Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other stakeholders around the world are increasingly working together to prosecute and convict traffickers and protect and reintegrate trafficking victims. WHI is committed to combating trafficking in persons in Sierra Leone. World Hope International sees this program as a moral responsibility to adequately educate and sensitize the wider Sierra Leone community on the issue of trafficking and its inherent dangers.

WHI’s current program includes the following activities:

-providing anti-trafficking training for government ministries, NGOs, community leaders, and other organizations working on trafficking-related issues;

-implementing a community-based public awareness campaign in target locations in Sierra Leone;

-encouraging Village Parent Groups in communities to involve elders, parents, and educators in protecting their communities;

-operating the TIP Recovery Center for survivors of human trafficking providing shelter, medical care, counseling, restorative activities, and reintegration;

-facilitating assistance to victims by involving Service Provider Networks consisting of existing and appropriate care providers;

-creating a database on human trafficking in Sierra Leone and involving Sierra Leoneans;

-setting up networks and alliances with NGOs and other stakeholders;

-legal advocacy with those prosecuting traffickers and/or exploiters of trafficked victims;

-providing anti-trafficking training for law enforcement officials.



Janet Nickel was born in Kansas and spent the first ten years of her life there. Growing up in a Christian home, the family was very much involved in the work of the Lord. At the age of three, Janet asked Jesus into her heart. Janet's family moved to Fort Wayne, IN when she was ten. Her father served as a teacher at Fort Wayne Bible College. Instead of getting involved in school events, Janet was very active in the youth program at First Missionary Church. 

Janet attended Fort Wayne Bible College and majored in elementary education. She taught one semester in Sterling, Illinois. The Lord then led her to Calvary Christian School in Forrest City, Arkansas. This experience prepared her for overseas ministry. After teaching five years at Calvary Christian, Janet applied for the teaching position at KRMS in Sierra Leone.

In July 1980, Janet began her first term of service in Sierra Leone. She served as both elementary teacher and principal at KRMS. She also worked with people in the community in Bible studies and literacy classes. Due to civil unrest and rebel activity, the Sierra Leone field was closed in February 1995.

Janet then spent sixteen months in Russia with the CoMission, implementing the Christian Ethics and Morality curriculum in the public schools. On July 19, 1997, Janet returned to West Africa to teach and minister to missionary children at Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria. She taught second grade there for two years. In 1999, Janet was reassigned to Guinea where she ministered to refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia until the end of 2003. Currently, Janet is seconded to World Hope International in Sierra Leone. 

Prayer Concerns: 

WHI will have favor and develop good working relationships with government staff, police, and community leaders    
God's Spirit will work mightily in breaking down strongholds of fear, violence, revenge, greed, and injustice   
The Church and Christians will develop ministries to provide shelter, care, counseling, and restoration to victims of trafficking

Whi will find the funding needed to continue the project