Name(s): Keith and Ann

Host Country: United States

Look at the nations and look - and be completely amazed. Because I'm going to do something in your days that I would not believe, even if they told you. -Hab. 1: 5

Keith and Ann minister to Arab Muslim families in a Midwestern city. As bi-vocational missionaries, they are also involved in secular work. Keith is a former pastor, and Ann is a former teacher. They would love to devote more time to the ministry as levels of support allow. Keith and Ann do not reveal to their Arab friends that they are "missionaries," since that would greatly hinder their work.


Keith and Ann share the love of Christ with Muslim Arab families from Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. They minister to these families in practical ways, sharing the Word of God as opportunities arise, and praying with them in the name of Jesus. Please join them to pray that their Muslim friends are not satisfied with Islam and find a new life in Christ.