Name(s): Lisa

Host Country: Asia

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"Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless." -1 Corinthians 15:58b

My desire is to reach an ‘Unreached’ People Group (UPG) that for safety reasons I always refer to as the Bridge People. This UPG is fairly closed to hearing about Jesus but God can work miracles in any setting. Currently, I am living in Asia as a retiree, which gives me the ability to spend more time in relationship building among the women living around me. Most of those that live in my area are indigent and subsist by scavenging and selling what they find. They are considered the lowest of the low. 

Ways to Pray:

~That Christ would give dreams and visions of Himself to the Bridge People and they would seek out those who can explain Him with all truth
~That I would be increasingly bold in sharing Jesus, while being kept safe from those who would oppose this
~That He would open the hearts of the women that I will encounter and that He will open my heart to them
~That God would help me to meet strategic national partners with the same passion and desire who will join me reaching out to this UPG


On October 25, 2010, I gave my life over to Jesus Christ and I have been on His adventure ever since! Soon after that, I remember telling God that I would do anything for Him; I would even ‘go to the mission field.’ But as I read and studied the Bible, I realized that it wasn’t something to which God sent just special people; but that all were commanded to “go and make disciples.” It was just His timing on which I had to wait.  In August 2013, I finally received that unmistakable nudge from God saying, “Now is the time.” 

I was accepted into World Partners as of July 2014 and spent the next two plus years learning all that I could in formal and informal training so that I could serve Him here. I arrived in Asia on November 21, 2016, and almost immediately started language school. Although I still spend a few hours a week in formal language learning, most of my time now is spent reaching out to women among the Bridge People.  


I graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in History.  I have spent most of my working years in office administration in various industries.