Name(s): Lisa

Host Country: Asia

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"Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless." -1 Corinthians 15:58b

My desire is to reach an ‘Unreached’ People Group (UPG) that for safety reasons I always refer to as the Bridge People. This UPG is fairly closed to hearing about Jesus but God can work miracles in any setting. Currently, I am living in Asia as a retiree, which gives me the ability to spend more time in relationship building among the women living around me. Most of those that live in my area are indigent and subsist by scavenging and selling what they find. They are considered the lowest of the low. 

Ways to Pray:

~Christ would give dreams and visions of Himself to the Bridge People and they would seek out those who can explain Him with all truth
~I would be increasingly bold in sharing Jesus, while being kept safe from those who would oppose this
~He would open the hearts of the women that I will encounter and that He will open my heart to them
~God would help me to meet strategic national partners with the same passion and desire who will join me reaching out to this UPG


While I was prepared to go to Asia for my first term, I really doubted whether God would be able to use an over 50-year-old divorced woman to bring Muslim women to Him. I attended a month-long, disciple making training where I kept asking God to show me whether I was doing the right thing by entering missions. During the third week, the training was on using the gifts of the Spirit. One morning, they talked about the gift of prophesy and asked a prophetic man to come and talk about this gift. He also gave a word from the Lord to several people. I remember sitting there thinking (pouting really), “God, why don't you speak to me like this?” Later, during the morning break, I complained to God that I wanted Him to give me a word. Within a couple of minutes, this man came over to me with another attendee in tow. He said to me, “This brother has a word from the Lord for you. He wanted me to tell you, but God gave him the word for you, and it is his responsibility to tell you." Of course, even though that is exactly what I wanted to happen, my mouth still dropped in amazement!

This other man looked at me and said, “God says that you are a broken vessel and He will use you.” Wow! That was such a powerful moment for me because it was a promise TO ME that he would use me. There are many promises in the Bible that are wonderful and I am grateful for them, but they are for everyone. This promise, however, was for me.

Since that time, I have reminded God about this promise to use me and he has over and over. When I start talking to the women here in their language, they are surprised and want to ask questions like: “Where do you live?” “Why are you here?” “Are you married?” And this last question is what gets us into a spiritual conversation.

“Actually, I’m divorced,” I tell them, “because my husband left me for another woman. After that happened, I hated him so much that if I could have killed him, I would have! But then Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah) came into my life and told me that I needed to forgive him. Because of Isa al Masih’s power, I was able to forgive him and his wife, for whom he had left me.”

This is a powerful testimony because every woman there has either had this happen to them or to a close relative or friend. The fact that I can forgive is unimaginable to them. This almost always leads into a spiritual conversation and usually within an hour, the full gospel has been shared. God is good and has indeed used my brokenness to share Jesus with these women.


I graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in History.  I have spent most of my working years in office administration in various industries. I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior on October 25, 2010.