Miguel Arias's Gallery Image


Name(s): Miguel Arias

Host Country: Colombia

National Partner Title: Regional Strategy Coordinator (RSC)

Miguel was saved and redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ 43 years ago.  His wife, Carmenza, was two years ahead of him in her walk with the Lord Jesus.

Miguel and Carmenza have enjoyed 40 years of being happily married and they have a beautiful family of four sons and a daughter.  They all have their own beautiful families and serve the Lord Jesus also in the ministry.

The Holy Spirit has allowed them a ministry of making disciples and establish his Church in various parts of Colombia and Spain.  Miguel has worked with Brother Nathanael Brown for 7 years at various Keystone Events in Central and South America.

Miguel and Carmenza give thanks and glory to their Lord Jesus Christ for saving them and calling them to ministry. They have been very blessed and supported by the Holy Spirit.  They are eager to return to Spain and start making disciples there. They are praying and waiting for Christ to give approval and support in this project.