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". . . and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." -2 Corinthians 10:5


Name(s): Nat and Donna Brown

Host Country: United States

National Partner Title: Regional Strategy Coordinator (RSC)

Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean


Nat and Donna's vision has been to work in cross-cultural situations sharing and modeling Christ as the answer to the world's needs. As Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in the U.S., Nat’s vision is to make disciples who are committed to starting disciple-making movements throughout Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. Donna’s vision is to see changed lives by helping set people free from drug and alcohol dependency.


After 29 years of living and ministering in Ecuador, in 2006 Nat and Donna were reassigned to the United States to serve as Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. Nat’s responsibilities take him to every Latin and Caribbean country in which WP has worked and many new ones as God opens up contacts.

The Brown’s home base Is in Richmond, Indiana, where Donna uses her nursing degree, knowledge, and experience at Richmond State Hospital. She ministers to drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients, helping to change their lives and set them free from unhealthy dependencies.


The position of Latin America/Caribbean Regional Strategy Coordinator continues to be refined in its focus. The central goal is to foster new relationships with the Missionary Churches and their leaders in Latin American countries and in the Caribbean.

These relationships should then produce new mission opportunities and challenges as partnerships are developed in this area of the world. The Browns hope to see Latin America/Caribbean become the next region from which a great host of missionaries will pour.

Nat spends much of his time promoting and working with the Spanish Evento Keystone, a World Partners discipleship training program. Nat hopes to see disciple-making movements spread like wild, out-of-control fires across Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain, sweeping people from all over the Spanish-speaking world into the Kingdom. By 2018, Nat hopes to see more than fifty Evento Keystone training programs presented in the Americas, Spain, and the Caribbean. This will mean presenting at least one training event in each country in the region.


Both Nat and Donna asked Jesus to become their personal Savior at an early age under the instruction of their Christian parents.

Nat grew up in Nigeria as the son of missionary parents. He watched his father serving in many capacities, from being an evangelist to building roads to repairing vehicles to building schools. Nat was impressed that the Lord called people to do these things as ministry. At the age of 15, Nat sensed God calling him to help fill the needs he had seen in Nigeria. Nat dreamed of one day returning to Nigeria to be involved in this kind of ministry. Yet he could not shake the sense that God was asking him to be prepared theologically as well, so in 1972 he entered Bethel College, Mishawaka, IN to study Biblical literature for pastors and missionaries. Nat received his B.A. from Bethel and then in later years completed work for a M.A. in World Christianity at Denver Seminary.

As a young girl in primary school, Donna felt the Lord calling her to be a missionary nurse. That desire never changed all through high school. She studied nursing at West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago, IL (affiliated with Wheaton College). She graduated as an RN in 1975.

When Nat and Donna began preparing for missionary service, visas were not being granted to U.S. citizens to enter Nigeria. Hearing about the needs in Ecuador, they learned their talents and training would be a good fit. They began missionary service in Ecuador with World Partners in 1978.

Nat and Donna both felt extremely privileged to be raised in Christian homes. They dedicated themselves to replicating this same Christian environment for their own children and for the children of Ecuador.

Through the years Nat and Donna were involved in church planting, theological training, construction, medical caravans, and helping at a Christian elementary and secondary school. Nat held field responsibilities such as team leader, vice-director, and secretary.

Nat taught and served as rector for the Seminario Biblico del Pacifico. He also was the administrator of the Light and Liberty Educational Complex in La Concordia. As rector of the Seminario Biblico del Pacifico, Nat organized the administration and represented it legally. The school had more than 200 students attending classes in four major centers spread out along the coast of Ecuador.

The Light and Liberty Educational Complex in La Concordia provided education from the day-care level through grade 12 with over 350 students. It also had an English academy and a goal to serve over 1500 students in future programs involving daycare through university students. Established in 1994, there were more than 40 people on staff. Nat handled administrative and financial systems and attended to the spiritual well-being of the staff, which included private counseling. Donna taught English at the school for a number of years and was always involved in teacher training.

Donna also worked with the women and families of Ecuador. She visited the ladies of La Concordia and was active in leading home Bible studies with new people interested in the Lord. Many in the neighborhood sought her out for her nursing skills. Donna taught piano to many students and spent hours in prayer for the work. She also spent many years home-schooling the Brown’s three children.

Donna’s eternal smile helped win many to the Lord.

Prayer Concerns

Nat will have wisdom and insight to work with national leaders from all over Latin America and the Caribbean
The Holy Spirit will guide Nat to the places in Latin America where Keystone events should be held
Disciple-making movements will spread across the Spanish-speaking world
God will provide the needed coaches and instructors to teach others from their experience in practicing the Keystone principles
Donna will have wisdom and compassion to work with hurting people who are not only in physical bondage but often in spiritual bondage as well