Host Country: Worldwide

As you may know, traveling between countries is even more complicated now than usual.  Airlines are requiring negative COVID tests (usually 48 hours old or newer) to board international flights. Many countries additionally require that those entering their country remain in quarantine while they await new COVID test results, or in some cases, for 14 days without a test. Often, there is a fee to wire money, when regulations change last-minute- and money must be sent immediately. 

Our staff have always included travel expenses for their Home Ministry Assignment in their budgets, but these COVID travel costs are relatively new, and they vary significantly. To help our staff cover some of these unplanned expenses, we have created a COVID Travel Cost Fund, and we’re writing today to ask if you would be willing to make a donation to the fund. To give you a little idea of the expenses these funds will help cover, here are some sample numbers:

*One day of quarantine (meals, lodging, transportation), per person                        $75

*COVID test                                                                                                               $50

*Wire fees (for unexpected costs)                                                                             $20

*Ticket change fee (per ticket)                                                                                  $250

These costs can add up fast!  In 2020, many staff postponed scheduled Home Ministry Assignments to avoid the extra cost and time lost in quarantine. The result is that for many, getting back to the US in 2021 is even more urgent than usual. Your contribution to this fund is helping with extra unbudgeted costs and benefit the entire World Partners team. Thank you!