Host Country: Africa

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Solar cooking is a simple technology that takes the free energy of the sun and focuses it to cook a meal without the use of fire. In many parts of the world it is difficult to change people’s hearts to accept the Good News of the Gospel. They must see it is actually beneficial to their lives to receive it and pass it on to others. When people see the cookers working, taste the cooked food, and pass it on to their friends, they are essentially experiencing a type of “conversion” to believe it is actually possible for them use a resource in a way never before utilized.  

This project gives World Partners staff Steve and Sheila Harrigan access to closed Muslim communities. It is their desire to equip local believers to use this resource in a way that will build relationships for discipleship in their communities. The Harrigans also send solar cookers to disaster relief areas. For example, they sent solar cookers to Puerto Rico for use following the hurricane.

$30 will provide one woman with a solar cooker.

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