Host Country: Asia

Secure World Partners staff members have been empowering the poor through far-reaching and deeply transforming development projects in Southeast Asia for decades.

Through educational, medical, vocational, housing, and civil rights programs they have build enduring, infectious peace across all divides of society.

Not only are they building bridges in their region, but they have begun to take teams to model and encourage genuine, multi-dimensional peace around the world.

Their teams are composed of friends and partners who were once adversaries. Through joint discussions, forums, and service projects, they are seeing walls of hatred tumble and bridges of love built.

The funds from this project allow the team to continue to:
~Serve the poor, the marginalized, and the refugees
~Develop their staff and volunteers' ministry and multiplication skills
~Spur and exemplify reconciliation in hate-filled regions
~Share their proven strategies and programs
~Network with and support like-minded partners