Host Country: Worldwide

We've expanded our reach from 22 to over 130 countries. A host of inspired international leaders are changing the face of World Partners. This has allowed us to expand our reach into many places not accessible by missionaries that come from the United States.

This exciting new change comes with a new challenge: How do we fund what is happening? All of the funds we currently receive have already been designated for specific missionaries and their ministries, and none of the denomination's assessment goes towards any World Partners expenses. In addition to the few general gifts we receive, we need help from individual Missionary Churches like yours who can make up the difference, fill in the gap, encourage, and support these global mission leaders.

Much of today's ministry is carried out by people who do not raise support or receive a salary. Yet these people still need funding for travel, leadership development, Bibles, administration, community development, and outreach. This year alone we received requests for over $220,000 to help with ministry in places such as Iran, Mali, Somalia, Tunisia, Sudan, China, and Myanmar.

To take advantage of these opportunities we are asking individuals to help cover expenses associated with ministry to these spiritually needy places. Thank you for becoming part of the Global Initiative!