Host Country: Uganda

Bukasa Village, population 12,000, is located in Katongole Slum on the eastern edge of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, Africa. Through a local church, Bob Rhoads and his daughter, Blythe, participated in a mission trip to the village in the summer of 2009 where they met Pastor George Kisolo.

Nationals, like Pastor George, understand that schooling is critical to the development of their people and the advancement of their nation. To meet this challenge, Pastor George opened a primary school to educate and provide Biblical instruction for the children of Bukasa. On their 2009 trip, Bob and his daughter felt God prompting them to partner with Pastor George in his efforts to launch and grow Ever Increasing Children’s Center.

Returning home, the iheartBukasa ministry was born. Bob and Blythe’s purpose through this ministry is to support the students of Ever Increasing Children’s Center through prayer, donations, fundraising campaigns, promotion, sponsorships, and grants. Monies raised provide desks, school supplies/materials, teachers' salaries, maintenance, facility improvements/ renovations, utilities, daily meals, and a brighter future!

What began with twenty children and one teacher has now grown to include 350+ students, a headmaster, living quarters for the school’s 14 teachers, a van, a cook, a secretary, a treasurer, and a gatekeeper.

The government of Uganda does not provide funds for education. Jobs and income in Katongole Slum are limited. Average daily income there is $2, so for most families, education is out of reach for their child…but receiving help to educate their children through Student Sponsorships is a dream come true!

Browse through our website at Read about our history and current projects, see the faces of happy children, and contact me at if you are interested in Student Sponsorships. We welcome your partnership to work with Pastor George as he continues educating children and changing a nation!