Host Country: India

Pranjal is a secure staff member of World Partners making disciples in India. He receives full tenure May 2020. Pranjal, a fourth generation Indian Christian of Shepherds Caste, has been ministering and disciple making in India since 2004 and is presently called to the Bhilala tribe.  The Bhilala have over 4M people hungry for the Gospel.  Scriptures, not in their native tongue, are being transcribed by the people under Pranjal's guidance. Pranjals obedience has created an Acts of the Apostles story for this day and time, healings, deliverances, salvations and baptims follow his faithfulness.  Please consider laboring with us to assist this work. The need is great.  We in the west are 100% his support. 

Please study for encouragement that Jesus is alive and to share with others.