Host Country: Germany

World Partners staff Edward Kim in Germany asks:

What do you see from the war in Ukraine? Disaster? Death tolls? Cruelty, poor refugees? Or, even the end times?

What I see and am experiencing in Germany is different. The evangelism rate in Europe is 0.52 percent, which is lower than in China and Japan, but that number is slowly growing. It was 1.17% in 2021. Nevertheless, Islamization is at a serious stage in every corner of Europe. 

Then, the war happened in Ukraine, and created over 5 million refugees. But have you thought about the number of refugees? How are there over 5 million? Many sources are guessing that the actual number will be much higher than 5 million. The entire population of Ukraine is less than 30 million. Did all of those 5 million people come from the war zone? No, they did not. Many of them came from the non war zones because Ukraine is not a member of the EU. They just grabbed the chance to move to Europe for a better life, which they couldn’t have before as a non-EU citizen. Certainly, more than half of the refugees ran for their lives from the war zone. But many others remained to fight against Russia’s aggression. Among the refugees who are willing to return home after the war, most usually stay in bordering countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, etc.  I am not blaming the refugees, but I am talking about the opportunity to transform those refugees to missionaries because many of them will not return to Ukraine even after the end of war, especially those who moved to western Europe. This is what I hear from refugees who came to Berlin. 

My interest is not politics here, but rather God’s mission through a war. We must shift our paradigms regarding the Ukrainian war to understand what God is doing, and why he is doing what he is doing.

In the Bible there are many cases where God uses wars to bring out nations to shake other nations. God used the wars to awake people and nations.

When the Ukrainian refugees come to Europe, many local churches welcome them and help them by providing shelter and food, and also share the gospel with them. Moreover, there are many faithful believers in Christ and pastors among these Ukrainian refugees. They go to local churches to get help, but they also do worship there. Many of them shake the local churches through prayer and worship with the fire of the Holy Spirit. This is what happened in a small local church in my town, and it is happening in many different churches in Germany. Many of those local churches are sleeping or dying spiritually, but the refugees are awakening them through their worship and prayer. Therefore, what I see is that God sent over 5 million missionaries to Europe to shake them up through the Holy Spirit.

The same thing happened in Israel in 1992. When the last president of the USSR, Gorbachev, kicked out 3 million Jews, half of them came to Israel. At that time, there were only 27 Messianic Jewish congregations in the whole of Israel. But the number increased quickly to over 200 after 10 years because of those immigrants. We are now about to see the same thing happen in Europe. Therefore, we should pour all of our prayer, energy and resources to turn those Ukrainian refugees to God-sent missionaries to bring about the revival of Europe and Israel. In my experience in 1992, the spiritual momentum of the immigrants didn’t last more than 3-4 years. Therefore, we might have another 3-4 years to work on this project. So, I am praying to plant 100 Ukrainian refugee churches in every corner of Europe and Israel to shake them up spiritually and reawaken them.

This is a chance we can have right now, or never.

Please join us in planting 100 Ukrainian missional churches in Europe and Israel within 4 years.