Host Country: Sierra Leone

A recent tragedy in Sierra Leone impacts World Partners missionary, Janet Nickel, and her ministry teams, as well as our sister national church. 

It involved flooding that caused mudslides which not only destroyed homes, but also killed a massive number of people. Hundreds have been killed and whole towns were demolished. Many people lost everything and in some cases, this included their families.  

We want to help, and we are hoping you will want to join with us in assisting people with a fresh start.

In addition, please be praying for those impacted by the flooding.  Pray God would use this time of great need to open people’s hearts to the only real answer to life’s problems – Jesus.  We are thankful God has provided partners in both locations who are able to help share Jesus’ love by meeting tangible needs.

Thank you for considering this great need. We hope you will be able to help.