Host Country: Thailand

Container Gardening:
World Partners staff Larry Yarger, together with the Ban Pak Ping team, are encouraging small landholder agriculture by utilizing containers and vertical space to grow crops to provide nutrition as well as products for market as we build relationships in 

Funds for this project are used to purchase materials for 
constructing containers, seeds, soil media and soil amendments, and workshop training materials. They will also be used to 
provide honoraria for trainers. The first demonstrations will be constructed at the homes of Ban Pak Ping team members. 

Mushroom Farming:
Mushroom production is a good source of income and nutrition for the small landholder.  Mushrooms are sold daily in the market and used in many Thai dishes. Production of mushrooms uses local materials and is becoming popular among people of the Isaan.  All people want is someone to train them in how to grow them.  

World Partners staff Larry Yarger uses the training of mushroom production as an opportunity to build relationships with people not only in the local community, but also in the rural areas where the Gospel is less likely to have spread.

Funds for the mushroom project include costs for construction materials, tools and equipment, mushroom spawn, travel, and workshop training materials.