Host Country: Thailand

Introduction and Background

The Ban Pak Ping ministry program exists to share the love of Jesus to the poor and disadvantaged in a small district in Northeastern Thailand. World Partners staff Larry and Ou Yarger reach out to those who have been afflicted by HIV, Covid, broken marriages, and other conditions that have created economic and spiritual poverty in their lives through the Ban Pak Ping ministry.

Ban Pak Ping ministries reaches out to share the love of Jesus, build relationships, share the Gospel and offer the opportunity to establish a relationship with Jesus. In these relationships, we work to disciple and mentor these people so people can grow in the knowledge and love of Christ and have the faith to make this decision.

Ban Pak Ping Ministry Tools: Vocational Skills Training

Larry and Ou reach out using several ministry tools. Ban Pak Ping is a community center providing activities to help build godly relationships. Vocational Skills Training programs provide training to enhance mental, physical, economic, and social skills and to assist children, youth and adults to improve their lives.  These programs empower the otherwise poor and disadvantaged with a hand up in the world.   

Vocational Skills Training programs presently include creative handicrafts such as batik cloth, beadwork, and greeting cards. Teaching nutrition through cooking and baking provides opportunity to sell or distribute goods in the neighborhood. These and other skills give a feeling of accomplishment and build self-esteem.  They also facilitate opportunity to build relationships and share the love of Jesus and are but some of the programs currently taught at Ban Pak Ping. As opportunities and resources avail themselves, Larry and Ou will add new programs under this category of Vocational Skills Training.