Carmen was a “person of peace” for World Partners staff Don and Judy Day. A “person of peace” is an individual who welcomes travelers and extends hospitality during their stay in the town. They are also seen as being receptive to Christ and getting His message out. Carmen was this person for the Days while they spent time in her city of Vimianzo, Spain.

There are no Christian witnesses in Vimianzo or the surrounding area. Carmen was part of an English conversation group that the Days held in this city and she introduced them to many people in the town. Carmen eventually came to know Don and Judy’s purpose in the city and was excited when she found out why they were there. The Days planted seeds of the gospel in Carmen as they became closer and began living life together.

When they arrived, Don and Judy’s purpose was to pray specifically for the people of this town and ask God to set them free. A prayer team came to the city and was led by they Days to pray for its citizens. Don and Judy left Vimianzo and the field of Spain feeling that the ministry was not over there; it had not concluded with them. Now, a missionary couple has gone to the city to continue the work of God. Don and Judy stated, “He answered our prayer. The ministry there is not over and God has continued the work there even though we are gone.”

When Don and Judy Day began their ministry with World Partners to serve as church planters and disciplemakers in Spain nineteen years ago, they couldn’t have imagined all the people they would meet and disciple through their ministry. This is the story of just one woman who was touched by the Days’ practice of living daily as Christ followers. On August 31, 2019, Don and Judy retired from World Partners.

In October, the Days are planning to become part of the ministry team at Embrace Missionary Church in Oxnard, California. They will volunteer four days a week, ministering to women, children, and migrant workers.

Don and Judy state, “So many of you have been an integral part of our ministry. We thank you for all your prayers and support and hope some of you will continue this journey with us as we continue to serve the Lord in every way we can.”

World Partners appreciates all that Don and Judy have done, and prays God’s blessings in their future endeavors.

*Photo: Judy and Don Day receiving their ministry plaque from World Partners Director of Operations Tami Swymeler.