Francisco works as a telephone repairman caring for all the fiber optics in Uruguay. He and his wife, Ana, live in a humble area, but have led many people to the Lord.

Nat Brown, World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America, met Francisco fourteen years ago and has continued to stay in contact with him throughout the years. Seven years ago, Francisco had a moral failing and was going through an extremely dark period in his life. He had turned from God. Nat was in Uruguay and his attempts at contacting Francisco failed, but he didn’t give up. He went to the town where Francisco lived, searched for him, and finally found him. He talked to Francisco, who by then understood that Nat was willing to stand by him in friendship no matter what he had done. From that day forward, Nat continued to stay in contact with Francisco and to speak the love of Christ into his life. Nat stated, “It took time, but Francisco turned his life around full circle and it became a story of redemption.”

Francisco and Ana have opened their home and are currently discipling five individuals. Once Francesco turned his life over to making disciples for Christ, he and Ana started having groups of individuals into their homes. Sometimes they have as many as twenty-five people in their home, other times there are five. The groups ebb and flow as people become disciples of Christ.

This couple has started discipling children in their home by starting a Bible school with twelve attendees. Ana teaches the twelve kids currently attending about the Bible with arts and crafts.

Francisco and Ana are making disciples by inviting people into their lives and into their home.  What would it look like if more of us used our homes like this? 

Photo: The children attending Bible school at Francisco and Ana's home