In places where spiritual soil is especially hard, Kingdom progress can be slow in coming. Sometimes a worker puts in years and years of work before God’s work can be detected. Other times we won’t know what God’s been up to until we get to heaven.

Ireland is one of those “hard soil” places. A tradition of institutional church has resulted in a nation of people who see Christianity primarily as a national identity rather than a personal relationship. Randy and Carolyn Fudge served with World Partners in the urban heart of Dublin for fifteen years, faithfully cultivating the heart soil of countless Irish youth. Gavin was one of those kids and his story is a special one.

Gavin met the Fudges in fifth grade, when they were the teachers in his Sunday School class. As the years passed and their relationship grew, Randy and Carolyn became active and influential in Gavin’s life. 

God allowed the Fudges to help guide Gavin as he grew up in Ireland. Gavin attended Trinity College in Dublin and was president of the student union, a Christian club. He received his law degree and then went on to receive his barrister’s degree, which qualified him to became a judge in Ireland. He also started the first Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) in Ireland.

Gavin and Randy continue to keep in touch, though the Fudges recently returned to the U.S. and will retire from World Partners on January 31, 2019.  As we praise God for the work He has done in Gavin’s life, isn’t it exciting to think of all the other changed lives that will be revealed when we reach our true Home?  Thank you for your partnership in the work of missions in Ireland and around the globe!