Mark and Carla Hanson retired from World Partners on July 31, 2019. They have been part of World Partners for twenty years, since November 1998.       

In 2001, they began their ministry in Quito, Ecuador, serving as house parents in the dorms at Alliance Academy. Carla taught a few classes at the academy over the course of two years, and they helped care for the students staying in the dorm.

In 2004, the season of ministry at the academy came to a close as World Partners transitioned out of that area. Mark and Carla went home, planning to go to work in Spain with Don and Judy Day, but they weren’t able to move to Spain until 2006. During their time at home, Carla struggled with difficult health issues, but they enjoyed time with their family until God provided for them to go to Spain.

The Hansons worked with the many English-speaking internationals in Spain, hosting meetings to fellowship with people that the Lord put in their path. Discipling this home group became a large part of their ministry, which expanded over the years. Their other major ministry in Spain has been English camps. These summer camps allow Spanish children to come and be immersed in an English-speaking environment, to both learn the language and experience Christian faith in action.

Unfortunately, Carla’s health issues and both of their mothers’ health, have led the Hansons to the decision to retire from World Partners. Their English camp ministry, however, will continue under the guidance of a friend of theirs from Kenya. They ask that their supporters be praying for the people who are taking over the English camp, and for ministry in Spain, as it will always be close to their heart.

World Partners appreciates all that Mark and Carla Hanson have done, and prays God’s blessings on their ministry in their new home.