The meeting in Ethiopia was taking place due to the death of a former World Partners Ethiopian ministry partner and friend who was our connection to Ethiopia the countries surrounding it. World Partners Director of International Development Rick Dugan and Missionary Church President Steve Jones met with Ethiopian leaders from various denominations about discipleship.  

Rick states, “My two primary goals on this trip were to get a clearer picture of the disciple making movements after our Ethiopian friend and ministry partner suddenly passed away last year, and to determine who we should be connecting with and serving in ministry.”

Over the course of days spent together, both in and out of the meetings, Rick, Steve, and these leaders were able to get to know each other better and understand more about each other’s ministries.  

It was decided by the group that the son of the former ministry partner should be the person who will now continue to connect with the Ethiopian leaders. Because of his heritage and cultural background, this man is an ideal fit to connect the leaders in Ethiopia.

This group of men prayed together and prophesied over one another, which led to confession and repentance. All of this was used by God to work in their hearts so that a path for reconciliation could occur. They all stood together publically, united to make disciples.

Because of you we, are able to bless and be blessed by the Body of Christ in Ethiopia. Pray for these men and their new commitment towards working together to make disciples.

*Photo: Ethiopian leaders showing their public unification at a local church