PrayLink for August 27:

We thank DON and JUDY DAY for their years of ministry with World Partners and wish them the best in their future endeavors as they retire from World Partners on August 31, 2019. Beginning in October, the Days will be living in Oxnard, California, helping those at Embrace Church with their ministry at Gabrielle’s House, a shelter for women who are abused, homeless, or just need a place to begin a new life.

BULGARIA: PETE and URSULA HUBLEY request prayer for their visit at Colon United Methodist Church on September 1. The Hubleys also request prayer as they try to decide exactly how they will use their ministry center in the coming year. Pray for ELIANA HUBLEY as she returns to Bulgaria without her brothers. Her Bulgarian friends have graduated and moved on to college. Pray that she would make new friends and also be able to stay connected to her old friends.

LESOTHO: Praise! A group of discipleship leaders recently had their first meeting after the main leader traveled to Malawi to see firsthand what discipleship in that area looked like and what was done. JAMES CHIKOPA requests prayer for a continuity of the Lord’s work in Lesotho.

ASIA: Praise! A STAFF MEMBER has a good meeting with Mongolians living in China who are second generation disciples.

HUNGARY: DAVID and GRACE MCBRIER traveled to the United States on August 28 from Hungary to begin their Home Ministry Assignment through the end of December.

BULGARIA: Pray for JOSH HAWKINS as he begins meeting with Emoo to practice his Bulgarian.

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL and DEBBIE JONES as they meet individually in discipleship with returning students at Bethel University. Pray also as they meet new students and make new disciples this school year.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he has back surgery on September 21 in Europe.

Join a STAFF MEMBER as she shares about her ministry in Europe at First Baptist Church in Coldwater, Michigan, on Sunday, September 1.

Pray for all the STAFF on Home Ministry Assignment as they continue to raise needed funds before they return to the field.