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PRAYLINK for December 18, 2018

UNITED STATES: Pray for SARAH FULLER and the other staff at the soup kitchen as they continue to live out gospel principals through their work. Pray for Robin, a new volunteer for the month. Pray that more new ministry workers would arrive to help.

URUGUAY: Pray for DAVE and LOLLY ERDEL as they regularly share the gospel through preaching and leading home Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and meeting with their discipleship groups. The Erdels request prayer for a committee that oversees the Seminario Biblico del Pacifico who will meet soon

BULGARIA: Pray for PETE HUBLEY as he continues to disciple Vasko. Pray for Vasko as stories he never knew about the Bible come to light. Pray also for Pete and Ursula as they host a Christmas party for the English Club they lead. Pray as they seek opportunities during this time to share the true meaning of Christmas.

ASIA: A STAFF MEMBER requests prayer for wisdom as he disciples his team. Pray that he would complete his agricultural ministry responsibilities before changing ministry locations. Pray for his wife as she sets up a ministry outreach to begin in January to HIV victims in an area where there is much discrimination against them.

LATVIA: Pray for RICK DUGAN as he continues to study Latvian in private lessons three days a week.

UNITED STATES: Pray for STAN and VALLI YODER as they continue ministry even through a recent move. A work team came and renovated the new house to accommodate Valli’s wheelchair. Stan still has remodeling to do, but the house is functional for living. Pray for Stan as he renovates and cares for Valli. Pray for Valli as she is exhausted and still suffering from pain from her broken legs and increased migraines from a concussion from the accident.

UNITED STATES: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he recovers from carpal tunnel and rotator cup surgery. Pray he will be recovered to travel from the United States to lead a meeting in Africa in February.

SPAIN: Pray for DAVE BUMPUS as he had a stroke in his right eye which caused some loss in vision, hopefully temporary.