Thank you for your faithful prayers for World Partners staff! With your help, the gospel continues to multiply and disciples continue to be made around the globe. We are always excited to share the World Partners ministry opportunities that are coming up this month!

~The World Partners office will be closed on Monday, September 2, in observance of Labor Day.

~The World Partners Administrative Team, made up of directors Tami Swymeler, Dave Mann, and Rick Dugan, and World Partners staff Leslie Foster and Jennifer Platt will meet on September 18.

~Regional Strategy Coordinator for Europe Gabi Nobre has the following prayer requests:
1. The registration of Bible clubs, and that a group would begin this fall.
2. The appointment of new leaders of the University Christian Club (known as Intervasrity in the United States).
3. The European University students Gabi disciples want to better understand discipleship and how to disciple to unbelievers.  They have regular open discussions on this topic. Pray Gabi will know how to address their questions and help them understand better how to make disciples in their context.  

~Regional Strategy Coordinator for West Africa Ezekiel Ango and his ministry partners will be leading a discipleship conference and meeting with disciples from September 4-8. Ezekiel will also be connecting with ministry partners in another West African town during his travels.  

~A secure Regional Strategy Coordinator (RSC) will be traveling to Japan next week to explore some ministry opportunities. He requests prayer for good connections. The RSC and his wife are starting an Alpha course for a youth group once a week. Pray the college group leader can pass on the knowledge and raise up other leaders to carry on. The RSC will be coaching the college students as they lead.

~A secure Regional Strategy Coordinator will be connecting many Christian world leaders in Bali from September 11-15. He requests prayer for the Lord to give him wisdom to share about the discipleship philosophy.

~Regional Strategy Coordinator for Europe Jeremy Tice will be in Sweden from September 13-17 to attend a commissioning service for a new secure World Partners missionary couple. During his time there, he will also connect with individuals that have attended learning communities in the past, with the hope of continuing relationships and fanning the flame of multiplication in the area.

~A Regional Strategy Coordinator will be in Thailand from September 19-22 coaching World Partners staff and national partners. He will also be co-leading a large conference from September 26-27 in Thailand, focused on gospel-centered social transformation. From September 29-October 4 the Regional Strategy Coordinator will be encouraging and coaching World Partners staff and partners in Indonesia.

~Director of International Development Rick Dugan will be in Asia from September 22-October 7 to meet with Regional Strategy Coordinators serving in Asia to discuss their discipleship ministries.