World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinator Benson Chembe recently sent a report about an exciting discipleship venture in Zambia.

Benson asked each disciple that he knew of in Kitwe, Zambia, to teach two or three non-Christians about Jesus during a four-month period. At the end of this time, twenty-nine people professed faith in Jesus and started attending a new believer’s class.

Benson baptized the new Christians in a ceremony early on a Sunday morning. According to Benson, “The candidates for baptism came very early and were eager to be baptized following their professions of faith in Jesus.”

At the beginning of the service, Benson shared the meaning of baptism and invited those gathered to respond.  Three people surrendered their lives to Christ and, after confessing their faith in Him, joined the group to be baptized.

When Benson returned home from the baptism ceremony, he received a call from a Muslim man who had attended the service. He said that he believed in Jesus, but he feared the reprisals that would come from a public declaration of faith in Jesus. He asked if Benson would baptize him that day in the late evening.

Benson agreed, and with an elder as witness, he baptized the man, then making plans to disciple him. Benson states, “My greatest desire is that he gets the needed foundation in Christ, and to set him on the path of Christ-likeness. What a joy to experience God’s amazing ways in one’s life!”