Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Guinea Teams Asks for Prayer for Momodi

Prayer Request:

Bruce & Dawn Cluckie and Jim & Dawn Anderson ask that we pray for Momodi, 17, from the town of Soulemania. Momodi’s family are direct next-door neighbors to the Cluckies, and Momodi is just a year older than Adam Cluckie – they grew up together. Momodi has finally settled on an apprenticeship – he is living in a distant city as an apprentice to a taxi driver. He calls his family often and was recently home for a quick visit. Please pray that God would protect him from the temptations of youth far from home. Pray that the Gospel seed planted as a child will be preserved and grow into salvation.

Meeting on the Campus of Purdue University to Read the Bible

Prayer Request:

Paul Young is leading a regular meeting to read the Bible on Purdue University campus from 7-8 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Please pray that Purdue students will be drawn into relationship with God through the Youngs’ work.

National Partner Benson Chembe - Update on the Ministry in Zambia

Prayer Request:

National Partner Benson Chembe recently sent an update on the ministry happening in his area. A total of 470 new professions of faith in Jesus Christ, and 824 disciples were reported in eight different regions. Benson’s team asks for prayer for wisdom as they disciple, provision for their families, and for spiritual protection. The report noted that African Christianity is being challenged by nominalism, prosperity gospel, and prophetic spirits’ movement, which focus more on people’s needs than on salvation and the life of Christ.

Ministry:  Benson Chembe

Encouraging Story of God’s Work From Rebecca (Cox) Bumpus

Prayer Request:

Rebecca (Cox) Bumpus recently reported this encouraging story of God’s work in their community: “While the Petoskey, MI, team was here we had a Friday night prayer vigil in La Pobla de Vallbona. Twenty people were there. I was led to pray for the Catholics in general who have heard the word of God either from Catechism classes or mass, that the Lord would not let His word return void and that He would allow us to harvest fruit from it. Half an hour later, Arancha received a call from her daughter, Izaskun, who was at a friend’s house. The friend’s mother had been seeking God for years. She had taught Catechism classes, but stopped when she felt they were teaching things that the Bible did not teach. She studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses, but that did not set well either. When Izaskun told her about our church, she said she wanted to go Sunday. Izaskun said we were in town praying that night, so the three of them came. She told us her story and we prayed for her. She and her daughter came again on Sunday. I will help Arancha in discipling her.” Praise God for this forward movement, and for the encouragement of seeing His plan in action!

Ministry:  Rebecca Bumpus

Bill & Debbie Jones Meeting Weekly with Students

Prayer Request:

The school year is in full swing, and Bill & Debbie Jones are meeting weekly with students who are interested in being discipled at Bethel College. Pray for wisdom and direction for Bill as he mentors five young men, and for Debbie as she mentors four young women.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

KTI Discipleship Training December 4-9 in Asia

Prayer Request:

A KTI Discipleship Training has been scheduled for December 4-9 in an undisclosed country in Asia. Thank you for praying for protection and planning for this training, in spite of not having all the details!

Pray for “Al”

Prayer Request:

Josh & Sarah Hawkins report connecting with their disciple, “Al” this week. He is doing well and is moving to a bigger city with more work opportunities.  It is hard for him as he has no passport and all processing of refugees has stalled. However, he continues to be joyful and generous towards other refugees as God blesses him in his business ventures. Please pray for him to find other believers there with whom to connect and grow.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Pray For Kuta from the Town of Soulemania

Prayer Request:

Please pray for Kuta, from the town of Soulemania. Kuta is slowly maturing in her faith. Please pray for God to preserve her faith and to continually grant her a desire to know God more and better. Kuta’s two daughters are living with her in Soulemania – Mahawa is about 12 and Mariama about 7. Mahawa is in school and Mariama is learning from Dawn Cluckie. Please pray for God to do His work in their lives. Finally, please pray for Kuta’s son, Adama, who is living with relatives in a distant city. These relatives are not Believers; pray that God guards Adama’s life and brings him into His kingdom. 

Pray for “D” Who Risks His Life To Share The Gospel in Hard Places

Prayer Request:

"D", a national leader who has worked closely with a World Partners Strategy Coordinator in Asia, was in Fort Wayne this week and shared encouraging stories of disciple making movements in his home country. Recently, a number of Buddhists who had given their lives to Jesus found their home surrounded by an angry mob with rocks. The mob began stoning the house. As debris and rocks rained down on the family inside, the father took iron boxes and put them over the heads of his children to protect them. The rocks hit their bodies, but not their heads. Eventually, after destroying the homes and motorbikes, the mob left. The family was injured, but alive. 

They called "D" who immediately came to take them to the hospital. As they'd been believers only a few months, he wondered how such suffering would impact their faith. But as they drove to the hospital, these young disciples sang, "I have decided to follow Jesus; no turning back, no turning back."

Not only did the new believers continue to trust in Christ, but they forgave their persecutors. Three months later, four of those who were in the mob stoning the home were baptized as followers of Jesus themselves!

I asked "D" how these young believers learned to forgive those who persecuted them. He said that they'd learned that God had forgiven them when they were his enemies, and they needed to do for others what God had done for them. "D" said they'd learned this from the man who discipled them - a police officer.

Please pray for “D” and others like him, who are risking their very lives to share the Gospel in hard places around the world.

Prayers for Debbie Jones

Prayer Request:

Thanks for praying for Debbie (& Bill) Jones. Her bleeding was coming from a 4cm uterine polyp. They removed half of it and we are waiting on labs to determine if it was benign or not. Either way, they will need to do another surgery in the future to remove her uterus (and more depending on the labs). We should know results by next Friday. We see her generalist on Monday regarding a possible blocked artery, or perhaps some other problem with her heart. The physician will probably recommend that we see a cardiologist. She sees another specialist on Friday regarding the pain that she has been experiencing in her hands. Pray that the polyp is benign, that the generalist and cardiologist will properly diagnosis what is going on in her heart, and that her hands could be soon be healed and pain free.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones