Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Dugans Holding An Open House Thursday, April 19 From 6-8 p.m.

Prayer Request:

Join Rick and Madara Dugan as they hold an open house this Thursday from 6-8 p.m. at the Missionary Church National Office, 3811 Vanguard Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809. You can learn more about Rick's new job as Director of International Development and take a short tour of the office building.

Ministry:  Rick and Family in Europe

Josh Hawkins Preparing To Preach May 13

Prayer Request:

Pray that Josh Hawkin’s teammate will call him and take him up on his offer to tutor him in English. Josh will be visiting Al, a friend and disciple, at the end of April. Pray that Josh will be an encouragement to Al. Pray for Josh as he prepares to preach at church on May 13.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Intensive Language Study Concluding In Two Weeks For A Staff Member

Prayer Request:

A Staff Member will conclude her intensive language study in two weeks. Pray that she will learn what she needs to in that short time and that she will retain it. Pray that she would also receive the necessary paperwork so that she will be able to get her visa next month. The staff member has also been having pain in her leg. Pray that it would fully heal.

Baseball Has Started In Bulgaria

Prayer Request:

Pete and Ursula Hubley report that baseball has started and that they have had a great turnout so far. Pray also for the Hubleys as they are starting a new English Club this Wednesday at The Bridge.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Staff Member Moving Resource Library

Prayer Request:

Pray for wisdom and strength for a Staff Member as he coordinates the moving of a resource library from his home to a nearby school campus. Pray for him as he balances this project as well as the other ministry items he is involved in.

Village Church of Gurnee Assisting In Puerto Rico April 21-28

Prayer Request:

Pray for a team from the Village Church of Gurnee in Gurnee, Illinois, as they prepare to leave to assist in Puerto Rico from April 21-28.

Dental Clinic Was Successful

Prayer Request:

Praise! Dawn Anderson reports the dental clinic held in the village of Grand Kondebun provided 145 patients with 100 kid’s fluoride treatments, 445 tooth extractions, 75 fillings, and information on how to take care of their teeth. The love of Jesus was shown and Frigi, a local man, helped with various tasks and prayed with the patients. Dawn also requests prayer as this is the week of an evangelistic trip to the Yalunkas in northern Guinea. Pray the group would receive the paperwork they need to ease their passage into the northern region. Pray the insurance for the car being used can be easily purchased in a nearby town today. Pray for those going on the trip to minister to the lost. Pray for safety, good lodging, and good fellowship for those traveling. Pray God would be preparing the hearts of those who will hear the message.  

Ministry:  Anderson Family

Travel Safety For Jeff Spence

Prayer Request:

Pray for Jeff Spence as he travels to Asia from April 18-24 as he meets with individuals to discuss discipleship movements. Pray for Shauna Spence as she remains at home with the children while Jeff is gone.

Ministry:  Spence Family