Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Continue To Pray For Janyne Johnston

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for Janyne Johnston as she continues to recover from surgery. Pray she would be able to return to her ministry in Russia soon.

Ministry:  Janyne

Staff Member Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as she recovers from right shoulder surgery. She will be in a sling full time for six weeks and her physical therapy started yesterday. Pray she would have a quick recovery. The staff member is located full time in the U.S.

Staff Couple Traveling To Brazil

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they travel to Brazil to spend time with a grandfather (who is dying) and other family members. Pray this time would bring wonderful memories and a peace that passes all understanding.

Ministry:  Jon and Danielle

Praise! Women’s Event Led By A Staff Member in Asia Was a Success

Prayer Request:

Praise! A women’s event led by a Staff Member which took place last week was attended by fifty women from different churches. They met for a time of worship, prayer, testimony, and reflection. A ministry partner shared her powerful testimony of deliverance. The staff member states, “All of us who planned, organized, and served the other women were so filled to overflowing by all that took place. This is Spirit-led and inclusive of anyone who wants to join. This is quite out of the box and enables us to reach out to and connect a variety of women here.” The next event will take place in April. Pray for the group who is currently planning this event.

Gretschmanns Request Prayer For Nestor

Prayer Request:

Tim and Susana Gretschmann request prayer for Nestor who was in a bad motorcycle accident. He was bleeding inside his head, had a broken collar bone and broken ribs, one of which is putting pressure on his lung. He has stabilized and has been taken off oxygen. It will be a long and painful recovery process. Pray God will minister to him during this time. Pray also for his wife, Claudia.

Ministry:  Timothy and Susana Gretschmann

Work Team From Nappanee In Puerto Rico February 10-17

Prayer Request:

A work team from Nappanee Missionary Church will be in Puerto Rico February 10-17 to rebuild churches destroyed in Hurricane Maria.

New Possible Opportunity For Sarah Hawkins

Prayer Request:

Praise! A new family attended the story time which Josh and Sarah Hawkins lead. Pray for Sarah as a new possible opportunity has been presented to her in relation to story time. She requests prayer for wisdom and clear understanding of expectation in conversation. Josh will begin starting American football practice in full pads with the team this week. Pray for continued depth of relationships with his teammates. Pray also for Josh as he prepares to be in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area February 21-March 7. If you would like to see Josh during this time email

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Work Team Led By Seth Hall February 15-25

Prayer Request:

A work team led by Seth Hall will be in Malawi February 15-25. They will be working with one of our Regional Strategy Coordinators to build small houses for local individuals.