Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Bill Jones - Cyst Surgically Removed This Thursday

Prayer Request:

Bill and Debbie Jones have a total of sixty-eight participants for the Breaking Free 101 sessions for the Bethel University and local communities. Pray those beginning would continue to attend and that those who would like to train to take others through The Steps to Freedom in Christ would reproduce what they are given. Bill and Debbie meet every Monday evening and Wednesday morning to lead Breaking Free. Pray for Bill as this Thursday he will have a cyst surgically removed from his back. Pray that it will go smoothly and without complications.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Steinmans Holding A Business As Missions Training In India

Prayer Request:

Pray for Barry and Judy Steinman as they meet with Regional Strategy Coordinators in India to hold a Business As Missions training this week.

Staff Member And His Team Hosting And Leading Annual Education Conference This Week

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a Staff Member as he and his team host and lead the annual education conference for work this week. Pray for the children and their families as they gather for this conference.

Burgstahlers Opening A Discipleship Training Centre - February 5

Prayer Request:

Stephen and Gayle Burgstahler request prayer for the opening of their Discipleship Training Centre on Wednesday, February 5. They have over twenty individuals who have signed up in the Broadlands Township community to be discipled. Stephen states, “The community is very poor, with gangs and drugs prevalent. We plan to emphasize grace, mercy, and identity in Christ strategically.”

Ministry:  Burgstahler Family

Pray For Intern Jeremy Jones In Malawai

Prayer Request:

Pray for Intern Jeremy Jones as he learns about construction and discipleship in Malawi with James Chikopa, February-April 2020.

Peter Spencer, Former President Of The Missionary Church Of Jamaica, Passed Away

Prayer Request:

Peter Spencer, former president of the Missionary Church of Jamaica, passed away on Sunday, February 2. Pray for his wife, Madge, family, and friends as they grieve their loss.

Steve Collis, World Partners Affiliate Staff, Passed Away

Prayer Request:

Steve Collis, World Partners Affiliate Staff in England, passed away last week. Pray for his wife, family, and friends as they continue to grieve their loss.

Brenda Mann - Lift Up In Prayer

Prayer Request:

Please continue to lift up Brenda Mann in prayer. Continue to also pray for Dave Mann and their children, Erika and Todd Mann.

Amy Moser Requests Prayer

Prayer Request:

Pray for Amy Moser as she continues to be sore from the car accident she and Nathan Moser were involved in on January 18. 

Ministry:  Moser Family