Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Pete & Ursula Hubley Request Prayer For Danny

Prayer Request:

World Partners staff in Bulgaria Pete and Ursula Hubley request prayer for Danny as he is reaching out to others and trying to begin the discipleship process with them. Pray for his friendship with Vasko and that they will continue to connect on a regular basis and that he will help Vasko discover who he is in Jesus.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Pray For Rebecca & Dave Bumpus As They Discern Which Area To Transition Their Ministry To

Prayer Request:

Pray for WP staff in Spain Rebecca and Dave Bumpus as for the last year and a half, they have been developing leadership and strategies for their two congregations to continue to reach out and make disciples and increase God’s Kingdom. Pray for Rebecca and Dave as they try to discern what area in Spain would be the best place for them to transition their ministry.

Ministry:  Rebecca and Dave Bumpus

Kids And Teachers Heading Back To School Soon

Prayer Request:

Pray for the World Partners missionary kids and their teachers who are preparing to head back to class soon! If you would like to teach overseas, go to

Regional Strategy Coordinators Traveling Home This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for the Regional Strategy Coordinators who are traveling home from the U.S. this week.

Stephen & Gayle Burgstahler Request Prayer For Gabriella

Prayer Request:

Stephen and Gayle Burgstahler request prayer for Gabriella, a ten year old who recently accepted Christ, her mother, Michelle, and their family as the Burgstahlers disciple Gabriella alongside her mother. Pray that Gabriella’s relationship with Christ would continue to grow.

Ministry:  Burgstahler Family

Staff Member Has Launched A New Resource Website

Prayer Request:

 Praise! A Staff Member has launched a new resource website for the community of families he works with all over the world.

Miguel Arias & Nat Brown Traveling To Honduras August 1

Prayer Request:

Pray for Miguel Arias and Nat Brown as they travel to Honduras on August 1. They will first attend the official reception of the new Honduran Missionary Church and meet with the Latin American Missionary Church of Honduras leaders. They will be praying together, hearing stories of how discipleship multiplication is taking place, searching for ways to network, and taking time to speak with them about how to help Venezuela.

Ministry:  Miguel Arias - UKEY15Nat and Donna Brown

Pray For Bill Jones As He Meets With Disciples

Prayer Request:

Pray for Bill Jones as he meets individually with disciples. Pray also as he cares for items which need to be finished before classes begin in August at Bethel University. Pray also for Bill as he continues to recover from hernia surgery.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Staff Couple’s Son Having Eye Surgery This Thursday

Prayer Request:

Pray for a secure Staff Couple's Son as he has eye surgery this Thursday. Pray that the surgery will go well and that there will be no need for follow-up surgeries.