Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Guinea Team Requests Prayer For Ousman

Prayer Request:

The Guinea Team requests prayer for Ousman, a millennial who was raised in the Yatiya Church, but has since moved to the capital city where he works with babies at an orphanage and reads scripture with many people in his area. His desire is to be a pastor. Pray for Ousman as he is holding a workshop this week for believers. In general, there are more and more Yalunka Believers, but there are often only 1-3 per town or village, and they are scattered geographically. They do not have much community with one another. This week, Believers from around eight to ten locations are gathered together for this workshop, where they are learning to memorize and re-tell Bible stories from memory. Additionally, they will be able to fellowship with other Believers and know that they are not alone in their faith. Please pray that the storying will be well received, learned, and put into practice. Please pray that these Believers will be encouraged, refreshed, and renewed in their faith as they fellowship together, listen to God’s Word, and worship in community with others. 

Jessica Boshaw Speaking At Union Chapel Missionary Church February 24

Prayer Request:

Join Jessica Boshaw as she speaks at Union Chapel Missionary Church in Ohio on February 24. Join Jessica’s team as she continues to raise support to go to the ministry field of Spain. For more information on Jessica’s journey go to:

Ministry:  Jessica Boshaw

Staff Member Requests Prayer For Her Sister With Parkinson’s Disease

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member’s sister who will have a deep brain stimulator implanted to ease symptoms of her Parkinson’s disease on January 28. Pray for the STAFF MEMBER as she cares for her sister during this time.

English Based Board Game Night Beginning In Bulgaria

Prayer Request:

Pray for Josh Hawkins and Dave, his ministry partner, as they start an English language based board game night this month.

Pray For Tim Stuck As He Continues To Learn Language With Teresa

Prayer Request:

Pray for Tim Stuck as he continues to learn language with Teresa, his upstairs neighbor and owner of their apartment building. Tim and Teresa often have some lively conversations as they are studying the Gospel of John. Pray also for Ruth Stuck’s continued strength and healing.

Ministry:  Tim and Ruth Stuck

Hubleys Preparing For Home Ministry Assignment

Prayer Request:

Pray Ursula Hubley and Rachi would be able to find time together to continue the discipleship process face to face. Pray for Gabi as she meets with Ursula to discuss spiritual matters. The Hubleys are preparing for their Home Ministry Assignment which will be from mid-June through mid-September. If you would like the Hubleys to speak at your church, small group, or individually, please contact them at

Ministry:  Hubley Family

A Ministry Partner Requests Prayer As He Is Making Disciples

Prayer Request:

A Ministry Partner requests prayer as he facilitates, teaches, trains and reproduces leaders and trainers to lead discipleship conferences and make disciples who can make disciples.

Staff Member Seeking Guidance From God On How To Proceed In Ministry

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as she is currently seeking guidance from God on how He wants her to proceed in her ministry and daily life. Pray she would have connection with new individuals she is starting to visit and that the language barrier would not be an issue as she continues to work hard on her language study