Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Guinea Team Requests Prayer For Gbe and Wali

Prayer Request:

The Guinea Team requests prayer for Gbe. Pray God would demonstrate his love to her and give her the courage and desire to follow Jesus. Pray for the salvation of her husband, Wali. Pray they would be able to have a child.

Pete Hubley Spoke At A Youth Conference

Prayer Request:

Praise! Last week, Pete Hubley was able to speak at a youth conference in front of seventy-five youth representing eight different Bulgarian cities which was hosted by the Hubley’s church. After praying with the youth, some of them recommitted their lives to Christ and one committed his life to pursuing full-time ministry.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Short Term Team Heading To Puerto Rico May 13-20

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a short-term construction team from Pathway Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as they prepare to be in Puerto Rico May 13-20 helping rebuild a Missionary Church.

Ministry Leadership Council and General Oversight Council Meetings Taking Place This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for the WP Executive Leadership Team of directors as they attend the Ministry Leadership Council and the General Oversight Council meetings this week at Missionary Church/World Partners Headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pray for the other leaders on these boards as they attend and pray they would be sensitive to the Spirit in their conversations.

English Camp Needs YOUR Help

Prayer Request:

We Need YOUR Help at English Camp! If you can speak English, you love Jesus, and you like kids, would you consider serving for three weeks this summer in Valencia, Spain? Mark and Carla Hanson, World Partners missionaries, are working on their annual English Camp and though all the classes are full with waiting lists, they still need volunteers! We're looking for leaders for sports, crafts, snack, music, and the informal English class. We also need assistants and people to move around with the kids from place to place. If kids aren't your thing, you could work with parents who want to learn the language as well! No teaching experience or Spanish language skills are required. Dates are June 29-July 20 and the cost is $1500 plus airfare. Time is short! To apply or for more information, please email World Partners International Service Administrator Leslie Foster or 260-747-9439 x 208.

Nate Hubley Graduating From Homeschool In Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Prayer Request:

Congratulations to Nate Hubley, son of Pete and Ursula Hubley, as he graduates from homeschool in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. He will attend Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana, this fall and currently plans to major in psychology and minor in youth ministry.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Chris Dugan Graduating From IUPUI

Prayer Request:

Congratulations to Chris Dugan, son of Rick Dugan, who is graduating from IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a degree in Environmental Health Science. Chris has been hired by Roche in Indianapolis and will begin his job in July.

Adam Cluckie Graduating From Dakar Academy

Prayer Request:

Congratulations to Adam Cluckie, son of Bruce and Dawn Cluckie, who graduates from Dakar Academy in Senegal, West Africa, and will attend Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the fall.

Ministry:  Cluckies

PrayLink for April 30

Prayer Request:

PRAYLINK for April 30, 2019

UNITED STATES: Pray for DAVE MANN as he attends the North Central District Conference this Friday, May 3.

INDIA: A REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR requests prayer for those in India bracing for a severe cyclone expected to land in Odisha, India, on May 2. “Let us pray that the Lord will protect His children as many of our disciples are located in that area.”

ASIA: Pray for a REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR who is leading the funeral for a disciple of his who drowned. Pray for wisdom for the staff member, comfort for the family, and hope for those who hear the staff member’s message of eternal life in Christ.

RWANDA: Praise! THEO MAKOMBE recently baptized two people who are part of an ongoing discipleship group. He was also able to take part in a youth conference hosted by a group that Theo has been working with regarding discipleship. Over twenty youth came to Christ in the conference. THEO and BRI will continue to work with these youth and pray for leaders develop amongst them to disciple the new believers. The Makombes will meet with the mayor and his team this Thursday. Pray that they would be given permission to continue digging their well. Praise! Theo and Bri received a collaboration letter which will help them gain national registration as a ministry which is now required. Pray for them as they continue to work through the well and registration issues. 

ANGOLA: A STAFF PERSON who is currently in Angola meeting with local leaders. Pray a door would open and significant disciple making relationships would form.

BULGARIA: Pray for PETE and URSULA HUBLEY and family as the next two steps in a three part process to receive their residency papers will happen on May 8. Pray for BLAKE HUBLEY, son of Pete and Ursula, who is currently attending Bethel College. After finals he will be traveling to Guatemala on a nursing mission trip.

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he preaches a sermon in a second language. There are supposed to be two non-believers attending this service. 

BULGARIA: Pray for JOSH HAWKINS as he preaches in church this Sunday.

GUINEA: The GUINEA TEAM requests prayer for the Yalunka believers. They state, “Pray for spiritual depth to their faith and that they would continue to have a hunger for the Word of God. Pray that the various groups of believers in the different villages would feel connected to each other, and that the leaders of the different areas would know that they have the spiritual authority to minister and guide those who are under their spiritual care. Currently there is some confusion about who is allowed to baptize another.”

URUGUAY: TIM and SUSANA GRETSCHMANN request prayer for Jorge who is unemployed. They also request prayer for Norma, Claudia, Hugo, and Alberto who are all dealing with health issues.

LATVIA: RICK DUGAN will officiate the wedding of MADARA DUGAN’s brother and fiancée this Friday amongst forty family and friends. Rick states, “Pray that we’ll be Spirit-led in sharing the Good News of Jesus, and that hearts will be open.”

SPAIN: Pray TIM STUCK would be able to concentrate better as there are some creative ministry initiatives he would like to be able to follow up on. Pray RUTH STUCK would continue to gain strength. The Stucks are currently in the U.S. on Home Ministry Assignment.

MIDDLE EAST: A STAFF COUPLE requests prayer for a close family friend in ministry in their area who was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to be med evacuated to a different country. Pray for the family and the staff couple as they deal with this diagnosis.

ARGENTINA: Pray for CHRISTINA DURAN as she begins language study. Pray for Nathan, Christina, and Marco as they continue to adjust and settle into their new home and ministry in Argentina.

Pray for all the World Partners staff currently on Home Ministry Assignment as they speak to individuals and in churches to raise support before returning to their ministry field.