Staff Member Requests Prayer For “Adam”

Prayer Request:

A Staff Member requests prayer for “Adam,” a seventeen year old young man who recently made a commitment to Christ. Adam has been staying with his grandmother, who is also a Christian. However, he has to return to his parents this weekend. Pray for him as he will not have any other Christian influences around him when he moves back.

Staff Member Needs To Find Right Location For Prayer Retreat

Prayer Request:

Pray a Staff Member would find the right location for a women’s retreat she plans to host.

Bruce & Dawn Cluckie Request Prayer For Salu and His Wife Simiti

Prayer Request:

Bruce and Dawn Cluckie request prayer for Salu and his wife, Simiti, and their six daughters. Salu can read both Yalunka and French and has heard the gospel message, but has not yet decided to follow Jesus. The Cluckies also request prayer as the Church in Yatiya is sponsoring three plus days of teaching using the Discovery Bible Study method this week. Pray that many would come and participate, learning about the Bible and how to study it.

Ministry:  Cluckies

Staff Member Requests Prayer For A Team Of Men

Prayer Request:

A Staff Member requests prayer for a team of men who disciple through street dancing. The staff member has taken a few of the men to the area where she ministers and they have agreed to start the street dancing in that area. Pray that this group would be able to begin this without raising suspicions.

Nathan & Amy Moser Involved In A Car Accident January 18

Prayer Request:

 Pray for Nathan and Amy Moser as they were involved in a car accident on January 18. Their minivan was hit by a man who turned left illegally. Both of the Mosers were checked out and Amy is sore from the seat belt. Nathan was not injured. None of the children were in the car and Nathan and Amy were returning from their Saturday morning outreach when the accident occurred. Now they begin dealing with the paperwork involved with the accident. Praise that they were not severely injured.

Ministry:  Moser Family

Staff Member Enjoying Sweet Moments With Ladies In The Shelter

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as he prepares for a conference which will take place the first week of February. Pray for a Staff Member and the women she sees at the shelter where she volunteers. She has been enjoying some sweet moments with the ladies in the shelter, and seeing hope and joy rising where it was not found before.

Josh Hawkins Met With Nikola Last Week

Prayer Request:

Josh Hawkins met with a disciple, Nikola, last week and he shared with Josh a dream he had with him. This dream was significant to both of them. Pray that the Lord would reveal its meaning to them and that this process will bring Nikola more understanding and faith in Jesus.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Two Staff Members Traveling To Philippines January 27

Prayer Request:

Pray for two Staff Members as they travel to the Philippines on January 27 for some training. Pray for travel safety as they take part in the training.

James Chikopa Networking With Leaders

Prayer Request:

Pray for James Chikopa as he will be in Johannesburg meeting with leaders, and then will proceed to Pemba to meet with a ministry partner and his network leaders today through January 27.

Discipleship Training In Honduras Thru January 26

Prayer Request:

Pray for Miguel Arias and Nat Brown as they hold a discipleship training in Honduras now through January 26. Pray for the team leaders-Miguel, Nat, Carmenza, Pablo, Patricia, Jose, Abad, and Marlene. Pray for the leaders’ health as some are having issues. Pray for the attendees as they are excited to learn more about making disciples

Ministry:  Nat Brown - UXZ04Miguel Arias - UKEY15