Staff Member Recovering From Shoulder And Carpel Tunnel Surgery

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a Staff Member as he recovers from a recent shoulder and carpel tunnel surgery. He is in an immobilizer and cannot travel for at least six weeks. Pray as he figures out alternative plans for a training in Rwanda he had planned in December.

Staff Member Recovering From Surgery

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as he recovers from surgery to place stents last Wednesday in the U.S.

Praise! All Yalunka-Language Radio Programs Have Now Been Aired

Prayer Request:

Praise! The Guinea Team reports that all of the prepared Yalunka-language radio programs have now been aired! Now Bruce Cluckie and his team must finish up a couple more teachings that are nearly completed, preferably by Friday so that one can air this weekend. Pray that the teachings can be completely recorded and prepped this week and would air this weekend. Pray also for Bruce as he prepares the next teaching, which is on giving. He is seeking to explain the foundational reasons why we should give to God, in a way that would be understandable to Yalunkas. Pray for Bruce and for his team as they work on this, that the Holy Spirit would guide and give wisdom in what to say and how to say it.

Pray For Bill Jones As He Fields Questions During a “Q & A”

Prayer Request:

Pray for Bill Jones as he fields questions from Bethel students during a “Q & A on Doubts & Barriers to Faith” class at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Pray for Bill and Debbie as they meet this week with a couple regarding their possible shift in ministry towards discipleship. Pray for Bill as he meets with a student and they plan the student’s internship with Bill next semester at Bethel College.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Pray For Janet Nickel As She Meets With Disciples

Prayer Request:

Pray for Janet Nickel as she continues to meet with disciples and leads some of them in Discovery Bible Study. An update from Janet regarding her recent Anti-Human Trafficking meetings: “We had our consultative meetings to review the Anti-Human Trafficking Act to propose amendments or repeal and enact a new one. We met in the four regions with about fifty stakeholders in each place. I was one of the facilitators and was on for a one hour session. But, the State Councils did not show up in the three provincial regions. I ended up facilitating four hours in the East and South and all day in the North. Thankfully, the Legal Consultant was there for the West and the National meetings.” Pray for Janet as she continues to fight for the victims of trafficking.

Ministry:  Janet Nickel

Discipleship Training In India This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for a discipleship training taking place in India this week led by a Regional Strategy Coordinator.

Pray For Dave Erdel As He Finishes One Seminary Course And Writes Two New Courses

Prayer Request:

Pray for Dave Erdel as he finishes one seminary course and writes two new courses. Dave is currently teaching students on 2 Corinthians at the Seminario Biblico del Pacifico center weekly. Dave and Lolly regularly share the gospel through preaching, home Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and leading discipleship groups. Pray also for Dave as he prepares to teach an intensive course on “The History of Christianity and the Church” to local church pastors and leaders in January.

Ministry:  Dave and Lolly Erdel

Pray For David Bjork As He Helps Prepare His Masters Students

Prayer Request:

Pray for David Bjork as he is currently helping prepare his masters students for their defenses which will take place the beginning of December. He also is currently in important discussions with the university dean. Pray also for David as he has had a set back with his trigeminal neuralgia and has pain when eating or speaking and is in touch with his neurologist. Praise! Diane Bjork’s foot is healing and she is able to walk on it for short periods of time.

Ministry:  Diane and David Bjork

Praise! Meeting Went Well In Kazanlak

Prayer Request:

Praise! The meeting between Dave Mann, Jeremy Tice, Pete and Ursula Hubley, the hospital administrators, and the mayor of Kazanlak went well and all parties are ready to proceed with next steps.