Continued Prayers For Dave and Brenda Mann During This Virus

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for Brenda Mann. During this time the facility she is in is not allowing visitors, making it hard for Brenda, Dave Mann, their children, and those that visit with Brenda on a regular basis.

Pray For A Staff Member Who Is Ill

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member who is ill.

Pray For The Homeless Population On Skid Row

Prayer Request:

Sarah Fuller and the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (LACW) community continue to serve the homeless population on Skid Row with new health considerations in place. Pray for the health and safety of Sarah, the LACW workers and volunteers, and for the homeless population they serve, who are among some of the most vulnerable.

Ministry:  Sarah Fuller

Staff Member Received Her Asian Visa

Prayer Request:

Praise! The Staff Member who needed to receive her Asian visa was able to do so.

World Partners Staff Member Arrived Safely In The United States

Prayer Request:

Praise! A World Partners Staff Member with underlying health concerns has arrived safely in the United States from her city in Asia. She needed to return here due to the threat of COVID-19.

Regional Strategy Coordinators In India Request Prayer

Prayer Request:

The Regional Strategy Coordinators in India request prayer for the country “as we begin a twenty-one day total lockdown due to the virus. The prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed. Prayer would especially be appreciated for the major cosmopolitan cities.”

Technology Is Great

Prayer Request:

Praise! Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Regional Strategy Coordinator Shaun and Angie met online with their small group Bible study with six other couples. Shaun states, “It was great! Thank God for technology.”

Ministry:  Shaun and Angie

Travel Safety For Pete & Ursula Hubley

Prayer Request:

Pray for safety for Pete and Ursula Hubley as they travel from Bulgaria to the United States today. The Hubleys are returning to the U.S. for their son, Blake Hubley's, pining ceremony for graduation and wedding.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Rev. Gerald Steele Arrived Home From Mozambique

Prayer Request:

Praise! Rev. Gerald Steele arrived back in the United States from Mozambique.

News From Guinea

Prayer Request:

Bruce and Dawn Cluckie state, “Legislative elections and a controversial referendum were held in Guinea last weekend. Pray for peace in the country as they look towards dealing with the fallout from the election. Also, while there are only a few confirmed cases of the virus in Guinea and the neighboring countries pray as they have clamped down to prevent any spread.”

Ministry:  Cluckies