Travel Safety For A Staff Member Traveling To The Middle East

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member on her way back to the Middle East. Her cat was severely injured and the cat’s back leg was amputated. Pray for the staff member as she cares for her cat during the next few weeks.

Planning Stages Beginning For 2020 Kids’ English Club In Asia

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member and his team as they start planning the 2020 Kids’ English Club year. They will also be working on the upcoming community carnival for the village.

Prayer Request From Sarah Fuller

Prayer Request:

Pray for Sarah Fuller as she and the staff at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker in California as they continue with their witness and ministry of loving the poor in Los Angeles. Pray also for Sarah’s health as she has headache issues off and on and sometimes it interferes with her work.

Ministry:  Sarah Fuller

Prayer Request From Janet Nickel

Prayer Request:

Pray that Janet Nickel and her disciples would be able to meet on a regular basis. The heavy rains often make transportation difficult.

Ministry:  Janet Nickel

Hawkins Departing August 15 For Bulgaria

Prayer Request:

Pray for Josh and Sarah, Navaeh, Ellie, Onnie, and Gloria Hawkins as they depart the United States for Bulgaria this Thursday evening. Pray for safe travel to O'Hare, easy connections, and uneventful flights. Pray they would also have some additional people willing to be part of their team before they leave for Bulgaria.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family