Thursday - Collegiate Day Of Prayer

Prayer Request:

This Thursday is the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Pray for the students and staff of Bethel University and all the colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Kalabrics Currently In Serbia

Prayer Request:

Pray for Ivan and Zhana Kalabric and their children as they are currently in Serbia where they helped lead a discipleship training. While they were gone, a corona virus outbreak occurred in their home city of Padova. The region closed down due to the virus outbreak. Pray that this would settle quickly and that the Kalabrics would be able to return soon.

Ministry:  Ivan and Zhana Kalabric

Short-Term Team In Puerto Rico

Prayer Request:

Pray for a short-term team from Woodburn Missionary Church who is in Puerto Rico now through February 29 doing construction on a Missionary Church

Travel Safety for David Bjork

Prayer Request:

Pray for David Bjork as he attends the Global Leadership Team meeting in Nairobi this week. Pray as he then goes to Kenya and then to Cameroon from Feb. 23-March 15. In Kenya, David will be meeting with the World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinators and staff as they work together on how best to keep the disciple-making movements centered on Jesus. Then, David will go to Cameroon to teach an intensive course for graduate students at the Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology. That course deals with some of the necessary elements in the formulation of a theology of discipleship, and disciple-making. The second week, he will lead the doctoral seminar on intellectual virtue, and interview students wishing to enter the doctoral program.

Ministry:  Diane and David Bjork

WP Executive & Global Leadership Teams In Nairobi

Prayer Request:

Pray for the World Partners Executive and Global Leadership Teams as they meet this week in Nairobi. Pray their discussions would be Spirit led.

Will You Be A Prayer Warrior?

Prayer Request:

Praise! A secure Staff Couple were able to raise funds for thirty-five blankets to be given to Sudanese and south-Sudanese adults last week. The staff couple partnered with a local church to serve the men and women by providing warmth during the colder months. The staff couple and their children are searching for forty people to become prayer partners for their family as they attend a conference in April. Pray that they would find these prayer warriors for their family. If you would like to become a prayer warrior for the family during the conference, please contact us at

Stan Yoder’s Mother Passed Away

Prayer Request:

Shirley Yoder, Stan Yoder’s mother, passed away on February 23, 2020. A funeral and memorial service will be held at a later date to be determined. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stan and Valli and the family as they grieve their loss.

Ministry:  Stan and Valli Yoder