Pray For A Ministry Partner And His Family In Sudan

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a Ministry Partner and his family in Sudan. He reports that a state of emergency was recently declared in Sudan due to riots and unrest occurring. Even with these events the ministry partner reports that in their local church plant had a service with nineteen adults and seventeen children.

Staff Member Leading A Discipleship Conference In Nigeria

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member who is in Nigeria leading a discipleship conference. Pray also for this staff member as he continues discipling a man in Africa. Our staff member is encouraged as he has been told how helpful their relationship has been in the disciple’s life and how, because of it, he desires to disciple another individual.

Short Term Teams Arriving This Week In The Middle East

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they begin hosting individuals on short-term teams this week. Pray also for the staff member as he is trying to help a disciple know how he can more actively disciple others. 

Monsoon Hits Townsville

Prayer Request:

The week after Ardis Diss left the town of Townsville it was hit by a monsoon. Many homes suffered severe damage and major losses. Ardis requests prayer that God’s hand would be on the citizens of Townsville as they rebuild. Pray for Ardis as she continues to work alongside a pastor, planting a church in Caloundra.

Ministry:  Ardis Diss

Breaking Free 101 Beginning Tomorrow

Prayer Request:

Pray for Bill and Debbie Jones as they lead Breaking Free 101 at Bethel College and Nappanee Missionary Church tomorrow. There are sixteen individuals in the Bethel group and eighteen in the Nappanee Missionary Church group. Pray for the Joneses as they lead and for the individuals who are taking part in the Breaking Free process.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Well Being Dug In Guinea

Prayer Request:

Pray for wisdom and patience for Bruce Cluckie as he has oversees and helps with the process of digging a well in town, thanks to generous donations from supporters. Pray the Guinea Team would have a productive time with their Regional Strategy Coordinator who is visiting this week. The Cluckies also request prayer that their internet would be restored. It has gone out and they are trying to make arrangements for their upcoming Home Ministry Assignment and need the internet to be able to care for these items.

Ministry:  Cluckies

English Board Game Club Begins This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for Josh Hawkins and his ministry partner, Dave, as they launch the English Board Game Club this week. Pray also for Josh as he continues to work hard building strong relationships with the new football team members. The team is getting one new teammate a week currently. Praise! Sarah Hawkins discipled a Chinese student who came to Christ before arriving in Bulgaria. This student just finished YWAM training, is now at a Bible school, and feels called to serve the Lord as a missionary in Asia.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

English Based Board Game Night Beginning February 13

Prayer Request:

 Pray for Josh Hawkins and his ministry partner, Dave, as the start an English-based board game night for teens and adults on February 13.