Staff Member Sharing At Pleasant Hill Missionary Church August 25

Prayer Request:

Join a Staff Member as she shares about her ministry in Europe at Pleasant Hill Missionary Church, Bronson, Michigan, this Sunday, August 25.

Praise From Tim & Susana Gretschmann

Prayer Request:

 Praise! Tim and Susana Gretschmann were contacted by a local pastor and his wife who are interested in mobilizing their church to be actively involved in making disciples. Every Monday, Tim and Susana will go there to teach and encourage the people and put the Great Commission into practice in their lives. Tim states, “Pray this group will grow strong and reach many for Christ. It is the only evangelical church in a village of 1000 people.”

Ministry:  Timothy and Susana Gretschmann

Pray For A Staff Member As She Shows God’s Love To Trafficked Women

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as she continues to spend time and show God’s love to trafficked women at the local women’s shelter.

Bill Jones Speaking At LaGrange Missionary Church This Sunday

Prayer Request:

 Bill and Debbie Jones will be hosting a meal Friday evening for eight Bethel Intercultural Studies Majors. Pray that they would have a meaningful evening with these students. Pray for Bill as he speaks at LaGrange Missionary Church this Sunday on the topic of “One key essential in making disciples.”

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Staff Couple Going Through Visa Process

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they go through the visa process. Pray that their message of honesty and integrity during this process would find a cultural foothold and that the visa process would be resolved in their favor.

Praise From A Staff Member In Zambia

Prayer Request:

Praise! A Staff Member and two ministry leaders were able to meet with four leaders last week. These leaders are from four areas in Zambia and are possible contact leaders for launching disciple making movements.

RSC Working With Mongolian Missionaries This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Regional Strategy Coordinator in Mongolia this week working with Mongolian missionaries, meeting with local leaders, and disciples who are making disciples. Pray for his family as he is gone.

Travel Safety For A Staff Member Traveling To The Middle East

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member on her way back to the Middle East. Her cat was severely injured and the cat’s back leg was amputated. Pray for the staff member as she cares for her cat during the next few weeks.