Brenda Mann Has Been Moved To Cleveland Clinic In Ohio

Prayer Request:

Continue to lift Brenda Mann up in prayer. She has been moved to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Pray a diagnosis can be determined, and therefore, a treatment to help restore Brenda’s health. Pray for Dave Mann and Erika and Todd Mann as they continue to be with Brenda.

Hubleys Launching English Club This Thursday Evening

Prayer Request:

Pray for Pete and Ursula Hubley as they launch and lead English Club this Thursday evening.  Regarding a future event the Hubleys state, “We met with our Bulgarian friends to discuss our ideas for a future event. We are encouraged by their excitement and we are moving forward with the plans. We will share more in the coming weeks and in the meantime, pray!”

Ministry:  Hubley Family

An RSC Leading Discipleship Training October 17-19

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Regional Strategy Coordinator who is leading a discipleship training from October 17-19.

Sarah Hawkins Encouraging A Mom During Story Time This Week

Prayer Request:

Praise! Sarah Hawkins was able to minister to and encourage a mom during Story Time this week. The mom posted about Story Time on her Facebook page and now Sarah has received multiple requests from mothers wanting to join. Pray for Sarah as she continues to lead this group and for all the mothers who are attending.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Prayer Request For Micah Burgstahler

Prayer Request:

Stephen and Gayle Burgstahler request prayer for Micah, their son, as he will be making decisions concerning his future plans soon. Micah hopes to be accepted into the honors program at a university in South Africa.

Ministry:  Burgstahler Family

David de la Rosa Leading A Conference This Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for DAVID DE LA ROSA as he is currently leading a conference for pastors and leaders from Puerto Rico and the United States. David requests prayer that “each of the leaders who attend would be agents of change in their churches and communities.”

Ministry:  De la Rosa Salamo Family

Safe Travels For Rick Dugan & Nat Brown

Prayer Request:

Pray for Rick Dugan and Nat Brown as they are in Uruguay and Argentina October 19-27 to meet with staff and ministry partners.

Secure Staff Member Traveling Back To Ministry Today

Prayer Request:

Pray for safe travels for a secure Staff Member who will return to Europe today as she has concluded her Home Ministry Assignment, as she returns and settles back into her life and ministry.

Continue To Pray For Brenda Mann

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for Brenda Mann who is currently in the ICU. The current treatment plan means waiting thirty days to see if the five-day treatment for an autoimmune disease is successful. Brenda has recently been responding more which is encouraging. Pray for Dave Mann along with their children, Erika and Todd Mann, as they continue to be with Brenda and deal with the daily ups and downs.

Prayer Requested For A Staff Member’s Mother

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a secure Staff Member’s mother who is in hospice care in the United States. The staff and her daughter have been able to spend time with her mother and had planned to return to the field on October 11. Pray as they try to figure out whether they should extend their trip.