Jeremy Tice Will Be In Albania Next Week

Prayer Request:

 Pray for Jeremy Tice as he will be in Albania next week meeting with national partners, visiting various discipleship groups which have formed in mountain villages in the east of the country. Jeremy states, “I will be helping the leaders think through what it will take to move intentionally from third-generation disciples to fourth-generation. This means that there are currently second- generation disciples leading groups of third-generation disciples. We will consider together how to continue passing the baton as the third generation reaches out to the fourth. Remember this trip in your prayers as it has the potential to be a major fanning of the flame currently burning in this budding movement.” Pray also for Jeremy as he travels and continues to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery he had three weeks ago.

Ministry:  Tice Family

Regional Strategy Coordinator - Visa Appointment May 21

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a Regional Strategy Coordinator as he has a visa appointment on May 21 so that he can take part in important World Partners meetings and SHIFT National Conference this July. Pray he would receive favor at the embassy and his visa would be granted.

Bill & Debbie Jones In France

Prayer Request:

Pray for Bill and Debbie Jones as they introduce Jeremy Tice this week to some of their former disciples in France who are making disciples. Pray all will be sensitive to the Spirit and His leading. Pray doors would open for future work in launching disciple making movements in Europe.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Short Term Team In Puerto Rico Through May 20

Prayer Request:

Pray for a short-term construction team from Pathway Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that is in Puerto Rico now through May 20 helping rebuild a Missionary Church. Check out a short video of the team on the World Partners Facebook page.

Pray That Kalabrics Receive Their Resident Cards

Prayer Request:

Pray that Ivan and Zhana Kalabric would receive their resident cards. They need them in order to be able to meet governmental standards for those coming into the country, enroll their children in school, and put the car they have in their name. Without these cards ministry and life would be much more complicated.

Ministry:  Ivan and Zhana Kalabric

Pray For A Staff Couple As They Transition To Another Country

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they transition from one country of ministry to another. Pray for them as they make decisions and transition to a new place surrounded by new people.

Prayers Appreciated For David Bjork

Prayer Request:

Pray for David Bjork as this is a very busy and pressurized time at the seminary for him. Due to this, some symptoms of his trigeminal neuralgia have been more evident in the past week. Pray for him as he deals with all of his. The four public doctoral defenses, which David has assisted students with, will take place from June 5-8. Pray for Diane Bjork as she figures out how to best follow up with four children she has been accompanying in coming to Christ. Pray for the Bjorks as they finish their ministry in Cameroon.

Ministry:  Diane and David Bjork

Pray For Valli Yoder - Having Migraine Headaches Each Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for Stan and Valli Yoder as they disciple a group of four couples and three single individuals who reach students on four college campuses. Valli continues to have up to five migraines a week which drain her of energy. Pray for her and for Stan as he continues to care for her.

Ministry:  Stan and Valli Yoder