Brenda Mann Seems To Be Responding To The Treatments

Prayer Request:

Please continue to lift Brenda Mann up in prayer. She seems to be responding to the treatments. Pray for continued improvement. Pray for peace for Erika Mann as she leads the care for Brenda while Dave is in Africa.

Congratulations To Micah Burgstahler

Prayer Request:

Congratulations to Micah Burgstahler, son of Stephen and Gayle Burgstahler, who graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a focus on logistics.

Ministry:  Burgstahler Family

A Staff Couple Requests Prayer For “Jane”

Prayer Request:

A Staff Couple request prayer for “Jane” who has been in a Middle Eastern country awaiting a passport to be able to leave and return to her family in the United States. She has finally received a one-year passport, but still needs to clear up an issue with her visa before she can leave the country. Pray this issue would be cleared up quickly. The staff couple has been spending time with Jane’s children as she is out of the country. Jane’s twenty year old son is currently taking care of the younger children. Jane now needs to gather funds and find a flight from the Middle East to the United States. Pray for her safety and provision and for her children who are waiting for her in the United States.

Pray For A Staff Member Who Has A Bad Cough

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as he teaches weekly at a Bible school, a Sunday night discipleship class, and preaches to a congregation at his church and a church plant from their congregation. Pray for a Staff Member as she is sick and also has a bad cough.

Pray For Danny, Peter, George, Rosen, and Ani

Prayer Request:

Pete and Ursula Hubley request prayer for Danny, Peter, George, Rosen, and Ani, who attended the Hubley’s Discipleship Training Workshop a few weeks ago. Pray that Pete and Vasko would find time to connect so they can continue their Inductive Bible Study

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Bruce and Dawn Cluckie Request Prayer For Santigi

Prayer Request:

Bruce and Dawn Cluckie request prayer for Santigi from the village of Xoria. He is a Christian, but he has many physical and mental issues to overcome. Pray God would heal him. Pray he would clearly understand Jesus, follow him, and become a light to those around him. Pray for a good harvest as Yalunkas harvest their swamp rice this month. Pray for Jim and Dawn Anderson as they return to the United States next week.

Ministry:  Cluckies

Wisdom Needed For Janet Nickel

Prayer Request:

Please pray for wisdom for Janet Nickel and the leaders from the Missionary Church in Sierra Leone (MCA) as they continue to work to resolve an issue with the Bible School property. Pray too for protection for Janet as there are more robberies during the holiday season. Pray as water is becoming scarce. Pray also for Janet as she is having frozen shoulder and knee pain. She will see a doctor in Sierra Leone next week for her knee.

Ministry:  Janet Nickel