Staff Couple Request Prayer For Wisdom & Guidance

Prayer Request:

A Staff Couple request prayer for wisdom and guidance as they figure out their ministry in a new country.

Pete & Ursula Hubley Launching English Club Next Thursday

Prayer Request:

 Pray for Pete and Ursula Hubley as they launch an English Club next Thursday and for the individuals who attend. Pray for PETE HUBLEY as he leads a “Dudes in the Bible” study group. Also pray for a future event Pete and Ursula are trying to work out the details, but having Bulgarians be part of the event is vital for its success.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

New Believers Discipleship Group Starting

Prayer Request:

A Staff Couple recently started a weekly new believers discipleship group consisting of both believers and non-believers attend. Pray for a non-believer who has been very faithful in attending the discipleship group and a weekly prayer meeting.

Ivan Kalabric Preparing To Teach A Class At The End Of The Month

Prayer Request:

 Pray for Ivan Kalabric as he prepares to teach a class at the end of the month at Tyndale, a seminary in Amsterdam. The class will be on “disciple-making among the skeptics in post-Christian Europe.” Pray for Ivan and Zhana as they continue to develop relationships with the parents in Mateo’s school. Praise! The Kalabrics were able to secure a place for Aria in the state school free of charge.

Ministry:  Ivan and Zhana Kalabric

Harrigans Request Prayer For A Breakthrough Into The Muslim Burmese Community

Prayer Request:

Steve and Sheila Harrigan request prayer that they would have a breakthrough into the Muslim Burmese community where some adults come to Christ and join them in ministry. The Harrigans state, “We are sowing seeds and seeing many positive things, but we need the Holy Spirit to turn the light on for them.”

Ministry:  Harrigans

Cluckies Preparing To Return To Guinea October 23

Prayer Request:

 Praise! Bruce and Dawn Cluckie report that two of the radio programs were aired in the last couple weeks! Pray for Bruce and Dawn as they prepare to return to Guinea on October 23.

Ministry:  Cluckies

Prayer Request - Makombes Paperwork Be Accepted Quickly

Prayer Request:

Praise! Theo Makombe speaks on a local radio show regularly. During the latest broadcast. Theo shared about discipleship. A listener, Bernard, contacted Theo after he heard him on the radio and Theo led him to Christ. Pray for Bernard as he is being discipled and continues to learn about Christ. Pray for Theo and Bri as they are beginning to teach in a new home church in Gikondo. The Makombes have to submit paperwork for registration so that they can have a ministry in their city. This paperwork was recently submitted. Pray that it would be accepted quickly.

Ministry:  Theo and Briana Makombe

David de la Rosa Leading A Conference Next Week

Prayer Request:

Pray for David de la Rosa as next week he will lead a conference for pastors and leaders from Puerto Rico and the United States. David requests prayer that “each of the leaders who attend would be agents of change in their churches and communities.”

Ministry:  De la Rosa Salamo Family