World Partners is the international ministry of the Missionary Church. Commissioning over 80 professional missionaries who work alongside a host of national workers, World Partners is developing a ministry focused on making disciples around the world.

Purpose Statement

As a means of coping with the new directions needed today in ministry, World Partners affirms its purpose statement but sees its implementation with new potentials, new directions and new commitments. The purpose statement of World Partners states: 

World Partners, serving as the international ministries arm of the  Missionary Church, exists to facilitate disciple-making movements thereby expanding the Church of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

The Great Commission is the central focus of World Partners. Going into all the world to make disciples is understood as creating disciple making movements with each disciple carrying on the vision of making disciples to the fourth generation.

  • We are committed to the supremacy of the Great Commission.
  • We believe every follower of Christ is responsible for making disciples.
  • We develop disciple-making strategies based on God’s leading, the host culture, and the spiritual gifts of team members. 
  • We believe making disciples multiplies leaders and churches that are Spirit-led and culturally appropriate.
  • We are developing a network of US and national leaders who work together to make disciples and multiply churches.
  • We model reproducible ministry skills suitable to each host culture.
  • We give priority to ministries in the least reached areas of the world.
  • We partner with churches and other agencies to make disciples.