We are Committed to the Supremacy of the Great Commission

Matthew 28:18-20

Our Values

World Partners Latino is a new effort within World Partners to foster greater commitment and connection with our Latino brothers and sisters when it comes to making disciples worldwide.

Establishing these five values as columns of our methodology, the work will be aimed in Connect - Train - Impulse - Support and Send. 


  • Create a bridge between the pastor and the Church who have the desire to go or support global disciple making.
  • Build a close relationship that allows Hispanic church to know where to look and find support the call of the Church or of any member.


  • Provide tools and experiences of those help people understand the call.
  • Educate the church on how to live a missional vision.
  • Trining pastors on how to send encourage, support, and care to missionaries .


  • Encouraging and reminding the Church that our mandate will always be to make disciples.
  • Establish as a goal that the desire and commitment of the Church is always to ask for the direction of the Holy Spirit to find new strategies for the unreached.
  • Raise awareness that we have to prepare our new generations of children and young people for the missionary call.


  • Ensure the missionary, church, and pastor feel supported by WP.
  • Provide guidance on the use, need, and administration of financial resources for the support of the missionary and the development of his ministry.
  • Collaborate with the local church in the integral care of the missionary.
  • Participate, visit, collaborate and accompany the local church in the initiatives of the local missionary team


  • Uniting all the previously established tools and working as a team with the pastor, the local church, World Partners and the missionary to make the fulfillment of the call that God has given come true.
  • Discover, recruit and present candidates from Hispanic churches to send Hispanic missionaries to the world.


At World Partners Latino we want to serve as a facilitating resource for the local church to help it fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission, which is the main vision of the Missionary Church.
We provide tools which encourage participation and mobilization to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Can a Latino Be a Missionary? 

You too can be a missionary! Jesus sent us into the world just as his Father sent Him. All Christians have this mandate to go and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28-18-20).

God has prepared you in a special way so that you can fulfill this mandate, Jesus has left us his Holy Spirit to empower us every day for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, so we need not be afraid of being sent into the world,

Jesus has already overcome the world!

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