what is an unreached people group (UPG)?

A UPG is identified by a distinct culture, language, or social class that lacks enough indigenous Jesus-followers to reach the rest of the group without outside help.

How many people live in uPGs?

Of the 7.75 billion humans alive today, 3.23 billion live in UPGs. That means roughly 41% of humans currently have little to no access to the gospel.

How will money help create gospel access in uPGs?

In southern Pakistan, an unreached Hindu people group called the Koli are less than 0.7% Christian. A World Partners missionary invested in a Pakistani disciple who is now multiplyng disciples among the Koli. His team has sent Pakistani missionaries to live among them.

As the team builds loving relationships, they expressed love through a clean water well, food supplies aer a flood disaster, and audio bible devices in their language. All these tangible needs were financially made possible in part through Global Initiative grant funds given by people like you. To date, over a dozen Koli have been baptized.

Your Impact

Currently, the Gospel is beginning to move through World Partner workers to 14 different UPGs from Southern Russia to Northern India to Somalia, Northern Nigeria, and Mozambique.

Your gift will make an immediate difference in the lives of UPGs in 2024. Will you give to this critical cause?