Engage the Promise

Our Process

More than donors

King Jesus’ promise of disciple-making is for EVERYONE in Him! That means you are more than a donor. Our process is designed to help you engage the promise personally with us in 3 simple steps.

Become a World Partner™ Subscriber

Anyone can be a World Partner™ and many of you already pray and financially support our efforts. If you have questions about becoming a missionary, joining one of our mission trips, or contributing to projects, you can send an email to info@wpartners.org to learn more and speak to our team.

NEW! To continue your growth in missions, we will be launching a new World Partner™ subscription program. Our new subscription service will be the starting line to increase your engagement with disciple-making movements around the globe through World Partners. Here’s how:

Join the World Partner™ Subscriber Program. Whether you currently financially support World Partners or not, our new World Partner™ subscription service will be a simple way to grow your engagement with God’s global mission. All subscription proceeds will fund our Global Initiative. This feature is coming soon, but you can join the waitlist HERE!

Receive special access as a World Partner™ subscriber. World Partner™ subscribers receive unique engagement opportunities because we know you want them! From personalized prayer events, to bonus podcasts episodes, to special Zoom meetings with movement leaders, registered subscribers will gain unique access to the leading edge of how the Holy Spirit is moving among our disciple-making partners across the world.

Learn to live a Disciple-Making lifestyle.

Engage a World Partners disciple-making (DM) event. Join in a World Partners DM orientation event virtually or attend an event in your region. After the event, join a three month cohort to continue practicing what you learned. Meet others like you and hear about their journey.

Engage a travel learning experience. Cross cultures to learn and practice DM with the World Partners team through short term travel learning experiences. Return home with more inspiration and skills to better practice DM together where you live, work, and play.

You can also join us as a World Partner™ subscriber. Our content will inspire you to practice a disciple-making (DM) lifestyle as you are... where you are! Join Jesus in His promise where you live, work, and play by learning from experienced World Partner disciple-making practitioners!

Be sent to your calling.

Jesus still calls people abroad. Whether it’s vocational, bi-vocational, or something in between, World Partners can help you find your place in God’s global dream. Here’s how:

Become a candidate with us. Be served by our years of experience helping people transition to full or part-time vocational engagement. Our history of personalized and family-like care will help you be faithful to God’s call on your life. Once approved, raise your support team with our help.

Experience the joy of God’s faithfulness in responding to King Jesus’ promise to send and be sent according to the unique call on your life.

Send an email to info@wpartners.org to learn more and speak to our team.

our trips

Our trips serve a greater purpose than simply exposing participants to a new culture, or helping those from the US appreciate all they’ve been given.  Our travel learning experiences aim to help you learn from an experienced disciple-making practitioner in a way that inspires your own practice where you live.

Our approach goes beyond Christian volunteerism to level the ground between giver and receiver through a mutual pursuit of a disciple-making lifestyle across geographic and ethnic lines.  Click the link below to get in contact with us and learn more.

Join the Waitlist for the World Partner™ Subscription Program

Receive more information and get notified when the World Partner™ subscription program goes live.