PrayLink January 17, 2024

PrayLink for January 17, 2024

Pray for the World Partners staff as many plan for the new year of ministry. Pray for wisdom, health, and protection as they continue to share the gospel. And also, for safety and peace for the WORLD PARTNERS STAFF who are in countries with volatile situations.

USA: Bill & Debbie Jones are grateful for all the prayers and support. Bill asks for prayer for clarity in his teaching and that those who participate will have their lives transformed and freed by the Wonderful Counselor – Jesus.  

EUROPE: A staff member would like prayer for their transition back into ministry.

SPAIN: A staff member is thankful for being able to share the gospel and for good conversations about what it means to submit to God’s will and trust that he is good. They thank you for all you do – and especially for praying for them!

USA: Jeremy & Mindie Tice are asking you to pray for Bethel University as they have “Go Week.” This week is dedicated to highlighting overseas opportunities for students, along with learning about different cultures, getting to know missionary kids on campus, and having chapels dedicated to encouraging a call to serve locally, regionally and globally. Please pray for this week to be fruitful.

BOLIVIA: Bryan & Molly Canny ask for prayer for a great start to this new year and for their family. For their daughters to continue to enjoy school and learning. Please be praying for their local church they are working at in MT as they start into a sermon series on Paul and his missionary journeys. Pray for the church to be reignited with a passion for Global Missions as we prepare for a special event on February 4th showcasing Global Giving.

USA: Shaun Futch asks for  prayer for ministry plans, and for a new discipleship group forming at Hope Missionary Church North.

ECUADOR: Ana Cristina Bastidas asks for prayer for Ecuador. There is so much unrest and uncertainty right now. Pray for peace and for the violence to cease. Pray for peace and for protection over the people in my group as well. They are dealing with death in one family, marriage relationships, and other family issues with children. I am happy to see that after talking and listening to the Holy Spirit, they are still choosing to follow what Jesus says and move in that way, no matter the circumstances.

BOLIVIA: James & Jenny Wolheter ask for prayer for a pastor who has just resigned as lead pastor at their church and are raising support to go to Asia as missionaries. As well as prayer for other friends' involvement in full time ministry, engaging discipleship, spending time in prayer, getting back into a routine, and building relationships from a recent event they have attended.

SOUTH AFRICA: Stephen & Gayle Burgstahler are asking for prayer this month while they are busy meeting with all leaders and disciples for the purpose of solidifying their positions, relationships, skills, and gifts within the Body of Christ and within their respective discipleship circles. And they also add that “God is so infinitely good beyond our understanding. He can be trusted for all things!”

ASIA: A staff member would like prayer for balancing organizational meetings/responsibilities with their ministry team and also more direct discipleship with individuals, the church, and Mongolian friends. “Jesus is reminding me to stay focused on him and the simple beauty of the Great Commission. This is the motivation and foundation for all that I do, family, organizational discussions and decisions, and mostly personal relationships with various people.”

SPAIN: David & Esther de la Rosa ask for prayer for a group of young people who want to come this summer to have a cross-cultural experience. One of the goals in this experience is that each of them can make a disciple in that time. And that in this group of young people in whom God is working, that a desire for mission and evangelism is awakened within them.

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